Cheap LAN switches any good?

By tibcub ·
We’re moving offices and need to connect 3-4 developers per room to our server. We were thinking of using one small switch per room (6 rooms) and an uplink from each room to the server, the uplinks converging at a central switch in the server room.

I’ve had a look at a number of (unmanaged) 5 and 8 Port desktop 10/100 LAN switches (LevelOne, TP-Link, LogiLink etc.) around 10-20$ but could not find any detailed specs on throughput etc. or any tests if such devices.

Are such devices good enough for above purpose? Are there any tests comparing such cheap switches?

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You won't find much difference in throughput....

by robo_dev In reply to Cheap LAN switches any go ...

Most low cost devices use one or two different common ethernet chipsets. I would not be at all surprised if the system boards for all those no-name products are all made by the same manufacturer.

The main thing to look at is which one has the least-cheap looking power supply.

Not that Linksys or Netgear are not 'top shelf', but even their low-end switches have a fairly decent chinese-made power supply.

A low-cost switch with a Gigabit ethernet uplink would be much faster...use a gigabit switch in the server room.

For example a Netgear GS608 is around $50USD and has eight gigabit ports. You hook the developers up at 100Mbs, and make the connection the servers at 1000Mbs.

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To add a bit more

by OH Smeg In reply to You won't find much diffe ...

Buy a few spare units so that if any fail you can pull the defective one out and replace it quickly.

From what I've seen the cheap Hubs on offer are just that and while there is no performance drop while they work some of the Cheap Power Supplies can destroy the unit with a sufficiently large spike.

But no matter what they are still a cheaper alternative than using the more expensive Hubs without much benefit in performance.

From what I've seen quite a few of these are good components but as there is a concerted move to Gigabyte the makers seem to be dumping old stock so that they have no units clogging their Warehouses.

Being this cheap it actually saves on the costs of pulling the necessary cable and works quite well. The down side is that if things fail it may cost more than expected to replace the Cheap 10/100 Hubs with what replaces them. But as the Domestic Networking has grown out of all proportion things just may continue to remain cheap for a very long time.


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