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Cheap training/cert. alternatives?

By privately_owed ·
Is $1000 or more too much to pay to get training and a basic vendor certification? What cheaper alternatives are there for classroom training, or even for the certifications themselves? Anyone have any ideas or input on how to cut some cost out of getting certified?

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Inexpensive Certification

by mary.c.milliron In reply to Cheap training/cert. alte ...

I've noticed that some of the Technical Conferences are offering certification testing for free or at a reduced course. I was able to take(and pass) 2 IBM certification tests last summer.
I agree that training and testing can get expensive.

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can u give details?

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Inexpensive Certification

Hi Millrom,
Pl. give details of the Technical conferences which offer free certification and also about the IBM certifications u cleared.
I want to get certification in Java but Sun certification is too costly can u suggest any alternatives?


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Cheap training/cert. alternatives?

by binhcta In reply to Cheap training/cert. alte ...

Here's a very cheap alternative- don't get certified! Before you say anything, think about it. You've probably spent 4 years of studying in college, possibly another 2-3 years of post-graduate. Then you work for a few years. Now they want another certificate? Common, the industry is reaping you off by glorifying the fact that certificate pays. Do you remember back in the '80 when so much was talk about how good it would be to get a CDP (Certified Data Processing) certificate? It's DEAD now... I'd hire anyone with a couple of years of experience anytime, anywhere, anyday over the certificate. Beside, if you think that it's too expensive to get certified, what does that tell you???

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Does certification really pay

by sean.larson In reply to Cheap training/cert. alte ...

Getting certified in most cases is a waste of money. I have hired many people and none have their certification. Does certification really show that one can do the job they are certified for? I don't think so. Anyone can get certified with the right amount of money and a few days to go to a boot camp. Do these people know about how things really work?

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Does certification really pay

by hina_haseeb In reply to Does certification really ...

It depends. if you are professional and want to get a certificate just to test weather you are capable or not for specific knowledge domain. nothing harm in it if you have adequate amount of time and money. As far as training classes are conserned its wastage of money. I believe in self study, because in self trianing you are putting more efforts to learn something on your own and Strengthend the habit of reading. There are number of books in which test sample are given. is one of the site where some test are still free and others are of low cost.

hoe its help.

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Old School?

by sporter In reply to Does certification really ...

I hear the arguements often for certifications or no certifications. Seems to me we want to be the only professional field (IT) that doesnt want to be bothered with continuing education.

I for one enjoy certifications and have found them to be very productive in my 20 plus years of IT experience. I agree that a certification is not the end all or even great proof of ability. I do believe if two candidates applying for a position had equal experience, knowledge, and professionalism, I would always hire the certified professioanl.

Sure continuing education is high, so is the salary I obtain.

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Continuing education != certification

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Old School?

Nor does it equal training. I can learn more at a single decent computer conference than in a dozen classes taught by people who wear too much polyester.

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by Shanghai Sam In reply to Old School?

I also enjoy certification. I have been to a lot of warm body classes. It's funny to watch a bunch of people playing solitare. Sadly, I get the same piece of paper that they do.

On the other hand I busted my a** on my last cert. It required 6graded classes at UCSD and 5 graded vendor exams. All in all it cost me about 400 hours of my own time (expensed paid by my company).

What do I get out of it? The highest salary in my department :)

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CEU's are one thing

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Old School?

I am also a volunteer EMT-P(aramedic) and have to get 24 CEU's a year to maintain the Certification. But here's the kicker, I also have other certifications that need updated yearly or bi-yearly. But the dam things don't cost me $2,500 per certificate! CEU's are easy - most are free - I am lucky if it cost me a few Hundred. So why does an Basic NT Admin, or Basics of Networking or Java costs 10 to 30 times more than my ACLS (Advanced Cardic Life Support) - or BTLS (Basic Trauma Life Support). The later two are 40 hour courses - and cost between $60 and $90 dollars.

I have always believe in continuing education no matter what field you are in - but lets get a hold of reality - Who is ripping who off. Your going to tell me that a 40 hour BTLS or ACLS course for $60 dollars, is less important than a 40 hours of NT Basics for $1,200 dollars. They are both 40 hours the difference - someone has to send so much to a Big Corporation like MSFT - to license to teach that course... SO WHO IS ZOOMING WHO - These cert's are to much money - for to little pay back - there is no return on your investment.

Go to Class's - Continue to Learn the new things in our field - DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON A MSFT (for Profit) TESTs that means nothing in the field - except so you can walk around and say - I AM AN A+ Certified Person... OH baby - loads of hard work and study - and that certicate (as in all certificates) wouldn't buy you a cup of JAVA.

If they want to keep the Certificates - lower the price - Oh yea they say - at a lesser price anyone can get the certificate. BS - just a MSFT way of trying to justify the high dollars they charge.

Anyway - Keep Studying - and Learning - Reading - know hot topic technology of today - you don't need a cert - if you have the knowledge...

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by Shanghai Sam In reply to CEU's are one thing

It is the likes of microsoft (see the use of small m) who are ripping yopu off. First with msce and then upgraded, then no nt so you have to go again for 2000. Now it is the xp. After all this, you are only certified to make mr gates richer. I find Comptia far superior. It is neither tied to any vendor nor controlled by them. AND once you are certified, then you are certified for ever. They cover all major operating systems and do not require the rubbish that mr gates requires to make him richer at your expense.

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