Cheap video capture software with audio?

By inet32 ·
I want to make some "how to" tutorials on programming topics where I walk the viewer through stuff in Visual Studio and narrate it in audio. I want to be able to post these to YouTube or similar sites so I need it to be in a standard video format.

I can't afford Camtasia ($300) - I know they have a 30-day free trial but I want to do this all year. What are some cheaper options that can do this? All the free ones I know of don't do audio.

Thanks in advance.

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by inet32 In reply to Power DVD Director may be ...

When I went to that link "DVD Director" appeared to be a search term, not a product. The only thin on that page called Director said "Director is a light and friendly contact list style and includes two new icon packs as well as 2 colour themes and list layouts."

Anyone else have any suggestions?

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I clicked on the same link

by jfuller05 In reply to Huh?

and seen that the Nero 7 Ultra Edition might do what you want for about $80.

That's cheaper than $300. :)

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Well try this one.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Power DVD Director may be ...

Cyberlink Power DVD Director


That should give you a link to the complete Cyberlink DVD Suite.


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try HyperCam 3

by Doug_Meyer In reply to Cheap video capture softw ...

I use a previous version,(hypercam 2) just for the exact things you are wanting to do. I believe the cost was less than $50.00

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by inet32 In reply to try HyperCam 3

Thanks! Hypercam looks like it might do the trick.

It wasn't clear that either of the other ones could do audio/video screen capture. It's a little hard to tell because they come in so many versions and flavors - (Nero 7, Nero 7 Premium, Nero 7 Ultra Edition, Nero 7 Ultra Edition Enhanced, Nero 8, Nero 9, etc)

But the goal here is to walk someone through a developer solution in Visual Studio, while narrating what I'm doing.

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