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Cheapest and quick way to set FTP Site?

By livelove_laugh ·
Hello everyone and I really need help with finding out the quickest and cheapest route for setting up a FTP site. I do not have IIS and any suggestions are welcome. I have to have this up and running by the latest Monday - 11-28-05 night. Thank you thank you thank you for helping me out of this rut!

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Cheapest and quick way to ...

does webspace come with your internet account? that is a quick, cheap way to have a place to which you can send and receive files via ftp...
call your isp or visit their website

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to Cheapest and quick way to ...

Even if you have a dynamic IP address, you can run a Linux box with FTP server. I suggest the following, if you have an old PC available:

Download Fedora Core 4 from

Install the server with graphical interface. It is pretty straighforward. The FTP server is called Very Secure FTP, or VSFTP. When it is running, it is known as vsftpd - 'd' stands for daemon or the Linux term for service.

There is a good description of FTP, the installation process and firewall settings at

Depending on what you want to do, you may want to set up user accounts for remote users, rather than allow anonymous FTP.

You need to test the access and security from outside your LAN using an FTP client application. There are a number of free FTP packages like

An alternative to FTP is Secure Copy, or SCP which uses the Secure Shell SSH port 22. You can download WinSCP, a client application from

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by B_Pope In reply to Cheapest and quick way to ...

Why not just run one from your own PC, I've been using Filezilla for 5yrs without any problems. If your connected to the Internet you have a IP address & that's all that's required.

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by ahobach In reply to Cheapest and quick way to ...

You should check out for your FTP hosting needs. They provide a great service that I have been using for years.

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