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Check in / Check out equipment

By drmweaver ·
Ok, I need help with this one.

I work for an Attorney's firm. We have 4 aircards for our staff members to check in and check out. One aircard is reserved for the criminal staff members. The other three is to be used for Civil, General Counsel and Administrative staff members.

I have one attorney that has had one checked out now for 4 months and refuses to return it. She says she does not want to have to go through the check in / check out procedures. Thereby leaving only two aircards for check out.

Unfortunately there have been times when other members have had the other two, and another staff member has to have one for warrants or whatever.

I am only the Business Analyst for this firm. I have been warned not to cross the boundaries when it comes to HR issues.

I sent an email to my supervisor who is the Legal Administrator explaining all this to her 3 months ago. She asked for a usage report on each card.

Due to priorities and other pressing issues, this was put on the back burner.

We had another issue come up again and so I got the usage report, and emailed her the information and reminded her of the situation again.

Her reply to me was that perhaps I could address the issue directly with the Attorney. She may have simply overlooked returning the aircard and that she is most likely unaware of the other users frequency of need for the cards.

I replied back to her telling her that I felt this was an HR/Policy issue and that she should handle it.

She now wants me to meet with her and discuss this. However I would like some feedback on how to handle this situation without crossing any boundaries.

And as further information, my supervisor does not like confrontation, her job is to handle all HR / policy issues. She has a history of dumping her work load off on others to do and setting others up later to write them up for the things done.

She has on more than several occassions attempted to throw me under the bus to her bosses. In one case, she got into trouble for not doing something, and literally put the blame on me in an email to her boss, saying that in the meeting she told me to do something. I have an Impulse pen, which they all know I use and record meetings. I provided her and her boss with the recorded meeting minuts and asked her where in the meeting she asked me this.

Anyways that another issue, but the issue at hand is, do I confront this attorney and if so, how do i do it tactfully without crossing boundaries.


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Becoming small and tactful

by santeewelding In reply to Check in / Check out equi ...

Won't help when you are already being trampled underfoot. By lawyers, yet!

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Lets see if I have this right

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Check in / Check out equi ...

You are being asked to make a Member of the Bar do something that they don't want to and most certainly do not feel the need to do and at the same time have been told not to overstep your bounds right?

If this Solicitor wants that Air Card so Badly they can keep it as far as I'm concerned just put in a notification tot he Provider and get it replaced but only after getting that Air Card Deactivated. That will cure the problem of the non returned Air Card but it will also probably create more problems than it solves.

Place everything in writing and pass it up the Line, like all Legal Wh0res if it ain't in writing it don't exist. Then when you get stomped on just pull out the Memo with this notification in it and pass it on.

But the reality here is that no matter what you do you're going to be getting it in the neck forever more while you stay put so if it was me I would be looking for a different job where you can actually get some work done that is productive.

Though I suppose if this particular Criminal Solicitor needs an Air Card 100% of the time you could set about organizing another one for the rest of the Criminal Team.


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by santeewelding In reply to Lets see if I have this r ...

You put it ever so more plainly than I ever could.

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Probably because I do that type of work Santee.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Col

But I have one slight advantage over the OP here I know the Practice Owner very well.

OH and the fact that he is the Senior Barrister doesn't hurt much either. :^0

I just love telling him to RTFM. :0

Only good thing about Legal Work is that it's better than Government work. Not much better but nothing can be as bad as Government Work.


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by drmweaver In reply to Probably because I do tha ...

Yes, you are correct. And for an update, I went to my supervisor's boss and asked him his opinion of what is going on and what I should or shouldn't do. He told me that I should feel confident enough to go over and ask the attorney for a reason as to why she needst to have it 100% of the time.

We only are allowed 4 aircards. we had 8 in the beginning, and each lawyer had their own. But when the gov decided to cut back on our budget, we had to shut down 4 of them. And the attorney's were told the new procedure. All the other attorney's do what they are supposed to.

And also, this isn't even part of my job. The maintenance of the aircards USED to fall under me. But when the attorney's didn't like having to come to get them from me across the hall. So my supervisor gave the JOB to her admin assistant and they attorney's are to go through her for them now.

I don't even know why I'm involved now. But I've learned one hard lesson, if sr management can sweep it under the carpet and care less, I'm going to do the same. Next time someone complains, I'll send them to sr management, let them go through what I'm going through now. I'm not even going to bother the next time.

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by drmweaver In reply to Update

I'm just so frustrated with this place right now it's not even funny!

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