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Check number increments in filelist box

By dvdza ·
Hi there, I have files located on my hdd that are sequencially numbered, i want to check for breaks in the sequence.

What I have so far: My app populates a filelist box with the files in the folder, i have determined the first and last files in the folder.

What I need: Now all I need is to run a loop to check that the increments are sequencial. If there is a break in the sequence then that filename must be placed in a "Missing Files" list box.

Eg of file names: abc000354 up to abc001264

I was going to use left(strFilename,3) to remove words, but i would prefer checking the entire file name, this will help if the files ever change eg: bcd00452 to efd00235

Would appreciate help on this one.


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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Check number increments i ...

Needs some more rules.
If abc999999, is the next file abd000000 ?
Can there be abc... files and efg... files in the directory without abd... eff are they all missing ?
Sequence checking with alpha numerics is just a matter of calling the filelist box' sort method and then using the ascii value 'a' is 97 'b' is 98. '0' is 48 '1' is 49.


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