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Check Signal Error How Then Check BIOS

By srosen123 ·

After (someone else) tried to incorrectly install a sound card, and seeing a 'small' spark, from then on the monitor wouln't come up. There was a Check Signal Error. Other monitors wouldn't work on the PC either.

I read that I should check the BIOS, but how to do this when the monitor doesn't even come up. Any other suggestions?

Thank you in advance.

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by dhillon-g In reply to Check Signal Error How Th ...

Unplug your power source first.Get the sound card out of your system.Take all connectors out of your motherboard going to HDD & CD/DVDROM etc.
Plug your system back and hook up your mointor (good working one) fireup your computer if you see your Bios screen the sound card is faulty, Replace it and if you still see nothing its end of your powersupply or the motherboard.

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by mjd420nova In reply to Check Signal Error How Th ...

The first thing that you should see on the monitor when power is applied to the CPU
is the VIDEO BIOS. If no display or the monitor says to check connections, then the video card
has failed, try another video card, any memory
level will do, you're now checking the MOBO. If still no video, the the MOBO has burned a trace.
Check the printed circuit traces around the
slot that the card was attempted in. Does the
power supply work?? The spark may have been the short that caused the power supply to fail of
**** a fuse. Check both sides of the MOBO for burned traces and the connector itself.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Check Signal Error How Th ...

A message displayed on a monitor not pluged in will give that error telling you that the monitor has no signal so from your description it sounds as if the M'Board has been hosed as the monitor is no longer seeing that its connected to a vialable Video card or Video source.

As other monitors will not work on this system I take it that you have tried this monitor on a different system as well if it works on that OK you'll have to dig into the computer to find out whats gone wrong and quite often you'll see nothing. All you can do is make sure that the Power Supply is actually running and if it isn't replace it with a known good one but don't use an expensive one as if the M'Board is badly damaged you'll hose the new PS as well. Of course if the replacment PS blows up you'll know that the problem is on the M'Board but that's an expensive way to find out.


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by oldbag In reply to Check Signal Error How Th ...

I have encountered this exact problem in the past and video card has been fried. If your video card is not integrated with the mother board, try replacing that. If the video card is integrated with the mother board, you will have to replace that or get ready to pull the hard drive and recover the data.

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