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Check your facts!

By SaraMiller ·
I am not sure that any of you people know what you are really talking about. Computers ahve a mind of thier own. They have feelings too. This is the secret coding to get into any computer. akheF:AGFwoif/

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by alan.wendt In reply to Check your facts!

The secret code to 'get into' any computer... What do you mean by get into'?

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Thanks for the secret code!

by admin In reply to Check your facts!

I've been using a hammer to get into computers (sometimes called a "Technicians Wrench") especially on Compaqs. This new technique will save a lot of time!

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Computer minds and bodies

by generalist In reply to Check your facts!

I know that programs past a certain length have a 'mind' of their own. Maintaining them can often require a form of mind reading and a 'Twenty Questions' search to figure out exactly what it is thinking.

And when you get down to it, micro-code and software drivers might be considered to be 'automatic' life functions like breathing and digesting food.

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My god all she gave away the secret code

by radiic In reply to Check your facts!

I usually just use my administrator password to get in. And if its hardware I use a screwdriver. I agree with using the hammer on the Compaqs :)

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Then could we just change it again?

NEVER MIND! I already changed it! And I am NOT telling Sarah the new one!

By the way, I think she also has a question posted with like 26 answers, all with NO STATUS, and the question really looks like a bogus deal to me too. (I sent her a message asking which one is right). Don't worry. She is probably long gone from this discussion by now. Best to steer clear of these types unless you wanna play.

SO, are we having any fun yet?

By the way, if you are new, this site is really serious most of the time, and a great place to really get answers and ask questions, but sometimes we do get an occassional belly roller going to ease the carpal tunnel, you know. Don't worry. Be happy. I'm outta here.

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AOL address........

by LordInfidel In reply to Check your facts!

Need I say more?

Step away from the computer maam and put the Jolt cola down.

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by KosiGuy In reply to AOL address........

There could be method to this one's maddness...never underestimate anyone.

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I thought AOL was banned here

by rzan In reply to AOL address........

Why are these AOL retards posting stupid messages here, pretending to be experts? GO BACK TO AOL AND YOUR STUPID CHAT ROOMS FILLED WITH CHILD MOLESTORS AND HORNY TEENS. Techrepublic is not a place for cute or stupid discussions which are common inAOL chat rooms. I dread the day that discussion here will start off with AGE/SEX/LOCATION/PC TYPE/RAM/HD SIZE/ETC

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AOL Defender

by GuruOfDos In reply to I thought AOL was banned ...

Well, I can understand your sentiments, and yes, a lot of home users are goobers/kids/psychos (your call!) I, however, am a software and hardware professional. I used AOL for 6 years at home, and our company has used AOL at work for our internet access for three years.


1) First ISP in the UK to offer genuine flat rate access on an 0800 number for a low (?90 per year)fixed price. How many other companies who claimed this are still in business? We are a small company who still have to use dial-up because of our location and the lack of wide band where we happen to be. We don't have a web-site because what we do is not for public consumption so we don't need servers, web-hosting or anything else that a 'commercial' ISP may provide.

2) Speed. I have tried at least 14 ISP's and on average, ping times are a lot lower with AOL, connections tend to be more reliable and their infrastructure is so much more reliable.

3) Security. How many of the Melissa/Sircam type virii rely on people using Outlook/OE or Microsoft based mail clients? AOL has it's own mail system which is pretty much immune to these kind of attacks. It's also not POP based, so works much faster than many POP/SMTP mail systems.

4) The software is easy to use. My co-workers aren't computer experts so they need something simple to use.

Oh and by the way, the secret code is....

...well, I COULD tell you, but then I'd have to kill you!!!

I must also add that I have seen some pretty whacked questions and discussions from non-AOL, excite and other web-based mail systems spring to mind here?!! Let's get rid of the nutters, not have a go at the ISP's they choose to access these forums with.

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