Checkdisk hangs in Stage 5

By dmoragne ·
When scheduled to run at boot-up with both options checked, checkdisk "hangs" part way through final stage (Stage 5 - free space check). I suspect this is due to unrecoverable bad sectors, due to damage done when laptop was dropped. Any suggestions?

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Well the easy answer is

by OH Smeg In reply to Checkdisk hangs in Stage ...

To replace the HDD with a new one before it fails completely.

But if you want to use this drive till the bitter end an run the risk of loosing permanently some or all of your Data then there are some Software Programs that Mark Bad Clusters/Blocks depending on what you want to call them. You could run one of these but as I've never had the need to use them since the old 486 DOS Days I have Absolutely No idea of which works best.

Well other than Norton's Disk Doctor of course but this is likely to cost more than a New HDD.


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I have seen

by Jessie In reply to Checkdisk hangs in Stage ...

a failing hard drive run chkdsk for 23 hours and manage to work... have you tried just letting the utility run overnight? On large hard drives, with lots of corruption, it can really just take a LONG time.

Your best bet though is to copy off all the data and replace the drive.

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Re: Checkdisk hangs in Stage 5

by dmoragne In reply to I have seen

The completion statistics did not change for over two hours (sectors checked - %completed. I could try running it overnight, but I doubt, given the above circumstances, that it would make any difference. Chkdsk made good progress up to this point, then essentially "froze". Anyway, I appreciate the quick response, and I may give the "overnight" thing a try - just in case.

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It could take days

by Jacky Howe In reply to Re: Checkdisk hangs in St ...

Rather than attempt to predict how long CHKDSK will take to run for a given volume on a given hardware platform, suffice to say that it can take anywhere from a few seconds to several days -- depending on your specific situation.

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You could test the hard drive

by Jacky Howe In reply to Checkdisk hangs in Stage ...

with the manufacturers testing tools. You could also run this

and then try running chkdsk /r again.

You can use the Hard Drive Makers Testing Utility to Test the Drive

Hitachi / IBM - DFT "Drive Fitness Test"
Works with all manufacturers

Western Digital "Data Lifeguard"
Works with WD drives only

Fujitsu "FJDT"
Works with fujitsu models only

Samsung "hutil"
Compatability unknown...

Seagate "Seatools"
Works with Seagate drives only

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