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    Checking ADS in Win2k


    by jans_4u ·

    After Installation of Windows 2000 ADS for a forest ,how to confirm that installation has been completed successfully and it is working perfectly?

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      Reply To: Checking ADS in Win2k

      by sgt_shultz ·

      In reply to Checking ADS in Win2k

      that is the $64K question, imho

      did you see these:

      Troubleshooting Common Active Directory Setup Issues in Windows 2000;en-us;260371
      How to Verify an Active Directory Installation;en-us;298143
      How to Configure Active Directory on a Home Network;en-us;260362

      my take is that the gross symptoms are almost always from dns not quite right. the symptoms are: slow login, can’t join a workstation to domain, can’t get on the internet. no internet access.
      i have several network applications that use dns to locate resources and they failed to locate ’em until i fudged in the ip’s.
      my network is so tiny we aren’t seeing any other performanc issues such as you might in a large network imperfectly setup. so my dns is mostly right but still not 100% and most things function fine.
      last 2 cents is: remember to check event logs for clues

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        Reply To: Checking ADS in Win2k

        by sgt_shultz ·

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        kerberos makes for a lot of overhead and work-arounds if you ask me. it also demands that the workstations and servers be time-sync’ed while, in classic MS fashion, it does not do that for you at time of install. so that is ticking time bomb waiting to pump dollars into my little consulting business, would you agree BFilm?
        anyhow, remember to time sync the workstations to their authenticating server. there are How To articles at and don’t forget you get some free phone support if you bought 2003 don’t you? ask MS that wonderful question and ask for somebody to walk you thru the tests?
        i think i’ll give that a whirl myself see if it works…

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      Reply To: Checking ADS in Win2k

      by rharrelson ·

      In reply to Checking ADS in Win2k

      1. check that replication is working properly between each DC. Do this by going into Sites and services.
      2. Two make sure that you can log out and login into a couple of the machines inside the AD.
      3. Run DCDIAG and NETDIAG tools. These two tools will tell you alot about your network when used properly.

      If all checks out than you have a properly running AD.

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      Reply To: Checking ADS in Win2k

      by jurages ·

      In reply to Checking ADS in Win2k

      After Installed the ADS on windows 2000 server. Goto Program-Active directory User and computers ,domain & trust , Active directory sites will show.

      then try to access AD users & computers, check the administrator account will show on Snap-in

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