Checking Exchange email on two different servers/domains

By krazzz ·
The President/CEO of my company also owns antoher company. Both host thier own emails with an Exchange server. The problem is that he is Outlook will not allow two different Exchange email accounts with different domains. Is there a way to check both emails from the same program? It needs to be full featured and userfriendly. I am open to any solutions. Can you help?

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Outlook allows you to have multiple inboxes open from same interface

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Checking Exchange email o ...

This is what you do in Outlook:

1. Tools Menu, go to Options

2. Mail Setup Tab

3. Click on Email Accounts

4. View or change existing accounts, next

5. Click Change button

6. Click More Settings button

7. Click Advanced Tab

8. Open These Addition Mailboxes, click Add button

9. Type in the mailbox in this format: domain\username

This will cause Outlook to search for the mailbox in that specific domain instead of the local domain

Note: There must be a trust relationship established between the two domains for this to work because you are making a referral from your own domain to the other domain.

That's why they pay me the big bucks. :-)

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web access?

by sgt_shultz In reply to Checking Exchange email o ...

have you thought of trying to do this with web access? do you need to 'combine' the mailboxes or just get at 'em?

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I'm with St. Shultz

by CG IT In reply to web access?
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by krazzz In reply to web access?

When I am traveling I check my account using the web. For my boss it needs to be as simple and user friendly as possible. I doesn't want to waste any time checking two accounts. He wants them all in one spot. He gets 50 to 70 emails a day and has no time to mess around.

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multiple exchanges accounts

by msuen88 In reply to web

I have the similar challenge. I setup one with regular
exchange setup and the other using POP. But then you can
only have other outlook function for one account.

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