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Checking hard disks

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Recently I wrote in to ask about checking hard disks and received several responses recommending using Win 98SE instead of XP.

Is 98SE preferable to using Win2000?

Also, I would be interested in hearing what disk utilities other users find useful.

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by TheChas In reply to Checking hard disks

Operating System recommendations:

Windows 98: for OLDER hardware and OLDER (DOS) games.
Many Windows Updates (IE 6 and DirectX9) can cause problems for some W98 systems.

Windows 2000: for Business and other systems that require high reliability and security.

Windows XP: for NEW hardware and when you want to run the latest software and games.
XP is somewhat less reliable and secure than W2K. XP can be setup to be as secure as W2K.

As a rule, I avoid hard drive utilities.
I use the native disk partition manager for the version of Windows that I am running.
fdisk for W98.
Disk Manager for XP.

I do use Diskeeper from Executive Software for defragmenting.

Depending on what kind of checks you need to perform on hard drives, you may want a W2K or XP PC for that.
W2K and XP support FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS volumes.

W98 ONLY supports FAT16 and FAT32 volumes.

I use a "hot-swap" bay for setting up and testing hard drives.
Normally, I get new or refurbished drives with no partitions set.
I use XP's Disk Manager to partition and format the drive.
Then, I copy the version of Windows I plan to install, and the latest device drivers and Windows updates onto the drive (usually to a separate partition).

When I install the drive in the target PC, all I need to do, is browse over to the folder with Windows and run setup.


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by donmars In reply to Checking hard disks

I disagree. Windiws 2000 sp4 totally totally trumps 98. Move out of the dumps of the archaic Win98. 2000 is now the standard entry system but MS is pushing XP. Why would anyone embrace obsolete 98 when even Microsoft will be dropping support for it soon. Service pack 4 2000 with DirectX 9.0b is tank reiable and hard to crash... unlike 98. I also recommend running it in NTFS for even more speed and reliability. It is not just for business anymore!

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by OTL In reply to Checking hard disks

Being not the brightest;

Why did Microsoft discontinue CHKDSK for Win ME then reinstate it for 2000 ?

Defrag run on a regular basis works great for speeding up the PC.

Win 98SE appears to be more stable and less vulnerable to viruses than XP (except for the IE/Outlook protions).

Loved seeing how virus worked when it targeted Outlook and I was on netscape! Debug is great !

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