checking out internet use history

By riza ·
my employer had asked me to print out the time and date that a certain
employee is online and the history of places that this person is surfing to.
my question is besides the internet history section is there another way
to find out about this without the other person knowing we are keeping
tab of their internet activity..
please help

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Search C-NEt Downloads

by LarryD4 In reply to checking out internet use ...

Their are quite a few programs and I've used this one but you can find more at downloads..

This is the one I used

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Without a proxy server log...

by bart777 In reply to checking out internet use ...

I don't think so. If you DO have a proxy server see if there are any logging features that you can turn on to trace traffic.

If you have nothing there then the only thing you can do is look at the user's history. And that won't give you times.

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These might be of interest to you.

But you will have to make sure that the employees know about this. It is not legal for you to do this behind peoples backs, so you will have to put a notice up or inform them of the changes in the Working company policy.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this info is useful, please mark it helpful. Thanks

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by LarryD4 In reply to These might be of interes ...

Umm no every pieces of hardware and data on it, is property of the company that owns it.

Browse history on an employees PC belongs to the company.

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IE HistoryView

by shhite In reply to checking out internet use ...

I like this one. Easy to use and does not have to preloaded on the machine. Gives dates and times as well. Here is the link.

Post back if you have any questions.

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IE HistoryView

by venkatesh.selvaraju In reply to IE HistoryView

I have a similar requirement to eavesdrop on employee's internet history with out his knowledge. I've the go ahead from the appropriate authority of my organization. IEHV does not allow you to scan a computer remotely. So, is there any other utility which enables you to connect remotely to a computer without the user's consent and capture the browser cache?

Thank you,

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Remote history viewing is possible.

by etaylor In reply to IE HistoryView

IEHV can connect to the history of a remote PC. This is only available until the user clears their browsing history. Under the file menu you use select History folder to point the program at the History directory in question. When using this you just specify the fully qualified path to another machine and the user directory on the machine in question. This of course only works if you have access permission to the users machine. This is easiest in an AD environment of course. If you are configured as a local admin on the machine you shouldn't have any problems. As an example I would specify "\\machinename\C$\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\History" as the folder to open. If you have the proper permissions you will see the entire internet history and file access history as this logs activity of windows explorer as well. Remember this strategy is defeated though if the user deletes their history in the browser regularly. I make copies of the history directory (onto a secure server directory) from the local machine so it can be viewed without danger of information deletion. It is great because it gives location, date, time and username. The down side is that you have to go into each users individual history directory on a machine. It becomes a bit cumbersome when you are looking at a machine that is shared by a large number of users.

Use with care though, because even though it may be legal to monitor users you run the risk of being sued for discrimination when you selectively monitor users. Specifically if you plan to discipline your users with this information. There are consquences to opening pandora's box. Be prepared to share your own internet history.

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