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    Checkpoint or Oracle


    by sda ·

    I’m thinking of getting either my Checkpoint Cert or an Oracle DBA cert but I”m not sure which one to get. I know people say get the cert you have an interest in but in this market I want a cert that can help me get a better position. So would a Oracle DBA cert or Checkpoint Cert better help me find a job?

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      Do you have experience in either?

      by lordinfidel ·

      In reply to Checkpoint or Oracle

      Those are 2 pretty lofty certs. And they both follow 2 very different paths in IT.

      They do not even overlap. It’s one thing to cross train, but pick a speciality first.

      Personally I would never be a dba because I just don’t enjoy adminsitering a database full time.

      Now the checkpoint cert would be more up my alley. But I also use checkpoint firewalls on a daily basis. If you have never used a checkoint firewall before, or you don’t administer one, or your not going to be a consultant who just set’s up firewalls. Then the cert is practically worthless to you.

      I’m not sure which boat you fit into. It’s hard to dole out advice if one does not know where you are in your career and why you would consider either of them.

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        Reply To: Checkpoint or Oracle

        by sda ·

        In reply to Do you have experience in either?

        Well I have my MCSE and CCNA and I’m trying to get into a networking position but the consulting company I work for doesn’t have any opening and they have me working in Help Desk. I’m really trying to find any networking position but can’t find anything. So do you think Checkpoint can better help me get into networkin?

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          Yes and No…..

          by lordinfidel ·

          In reply to Reply To: Checkpoint or Oracle

          Instead of Checkpoint I would probably start and round out your knoweldge with linux.

          At least right now you have a job. Even if it is in help desk. It sounds like you have spent most of your time and energy on the netwk side of the house, so that is where I would stay.

          At this point, if I was you, If you have not already, become chummy with the netwk engineers at the company your with. I know that most of them are typically doing projects on the weekends and after hours. See if you can get in on it, without pay.

          Alot of times, those guy’s have friends in other companies who may need someone. If they think you are competent enough they may just reccomend you.

          I say concentrate on linux rather then checkpoint, because A, you will have easier access to a linux box then a enterprise grade checkpoint firewall. And B, you will find the guy’s you work with to be more open to you when you ask them about linux or swap linux stories with them. The goal here is to get your current peers to respect your skills enough to help you get interviews with another company.

          Becuase most all IT jobs at the netwk level is done by word of mouth/reccomendations.

          But that’s just my opinion. That and linux firewalling is a great place to learn how firewalls work.

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          Reply To: Checkpoint or Oracle

          by sda ·

          In reply to Yes and No…..

          Thank for the Info I’ll do some research on Linux

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      Did’nt I reply to your posts before?

      by lordinfidel ·

      In reply to Checkpoint or Oracle


      It seems like your flip flopping around, trying to decide what you want to do.

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