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    Child Domain


    by i_sureshbabu ·

    We are running windows 2003 service pack1, we have a child domain already inplaced. Now we bought a new server2003 R2. I am planning to join as a child domain with the existing domain and delete the existing child domain.
    I ran dcpromo on new server(2003R2), I am getting error messages as follows:
    Tha active directory wizard cannot continue because the forest is not prepared like that…
    The version of the active directory schema of the source forest is not compatable with the version of active directory with this computer.
    I am seraching on this one, but i am not clear
    How to use this tool. Do i need to run on forest, what are causes- please help me

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      by lowlands ·

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      Before you can promote a R2 machine to a DC you will have to extend the schema. Do this by running adprep from the 2nd install cd.

      cd \cmpnents\R2\adprep
      adprep /forestprep

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        by lowlands ·

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        Be sure to use the version of adprep that is on Windows Server 2003 R2 Disc 2, not the version that is on Disc 1.

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