Child-friendly OS

By Quantum24 ·
I am looking for an operating system or some sort of Windows Vista tool which would allow me to control how the computer starts up and which programs it allows. I would like to be able to set it to automatically run a certain program immediately upon startup. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Vista has built in parental controls in the Control Panel

by SKDTech In reply to Child-friendly OS

Using Vista's built in parental controls you can limit access to games based on ESRB rating, specific program access and enable web filters. To have a specific program start at logon you can add it to the profile's startup group. And for internet safety you can also set it to use OpenDNS to put filters on its internet access.

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couple different ways.... but

by ---TK--- In reply to Child-friendly OS

Maybe you should read good article, it might help clear up more questions...

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Thanks, but not what I was looking for

by Quantum24 In reply to couple different ways.... ...

Thank you both for your suggestions, but I should have been more clear in what I was looking for. You see, we have public access computers for kids ages 0-12. What I need, in particular, is an OS that operates more like the Kids Web Menu or perhaps Kidrocket yet doesn't allow the users to change any settings or quit. If there is some way to do this in Vista, please let me know. Thanks again!

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public access

by shasca In reply to Thanks, but not what I wa ...

What all will they be allowed to do? You can lock a PC down in Kiosk mode that will boot to a maximized web page and nothing else.

You also can have fully functional PC's that with limited user accounts nothing could be changed.

what will these be used for?

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Those are both browsers.

by seanferd In reply to Thanks, but not what I wa ...

You can use those same browsers, but you can also use Vista Parental Controls. Aside from that there is Group Policy, if you have Business/Ultimate Vista, and someone who knows how to configure it. Also local Policy for all versions of Vista (someone correct me if I'm wrong).

You can choose what starts with Windows, what settings can be changed (if any), and what programs are available at all.

All the other posts had good advice on all these aspects.

For any OS (Windows, Mac OS, BSD or Linux distros) you'll need to configure these limitations. I haven't really see a program that does it better/easier than the built-in controls and/or policy. You can remove all access to programs, settings, websites, the shut down button (and configure the physical power button as well), etc.

If you are more concerned about internet use, there are other programs and services, but they'll tend to cost you extra money.

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These might be what you want................

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Child-friendly OS Startup Booster 2.00
OR: Settings Organizer 3.00
more here:

Scroll down until you see: " Startup Booster 2.00".
or: Settings Organizer 3.00

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