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Children in the workplace

By banzilla ·
Our company has been a kid frendly enviroment for a long time. The problem is now it is time to put into place a real computer use policy. I have kids that I like to bring into the office on weekends and even sometimes during working hours as do several other employees and principals.

So the question is, Should children be allowed to play on company computers?

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by Roger99a In reply to Children in the workplace

But if you have an old spare you could setup in your free time for them with some kid games on it, that would be good. This would protect the kid friendly policy and the company network.

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by bhamm In reply to No

I agree with Roger99a. Set up separate
computer(s) for the youngsters.

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by Prana7 In reply to No

I agree with Roger99a and Bhamm@

best way to set up separate computer for kids so they can mess around with that computer. your work computer will not lose data

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Totally agree.

by Rudeboy In reply to agree

I already set up an old workstation and its connected directly on to the office PIX.

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same here

by Prana7 In reply to Totally agree.

I set up old workstation so kid can mess around with it. i wont care if it s crash or so. let kid learn a b c's program to learn how to spell or cute program. so it wont affect important data.

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by mgordon In reply to No

Just wanted to be different :-)

Really, the way to do it, if you are going to do it, is pretty simple. Give 'em Firefox and a restricted or least-privilege account. The kids will pretty quick abandon the computer anyway in such a mode; no games! But it is good for kids doing homework, they can still "Google" and print.

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Of course not

by Oz_Media In reply to Children in the workplace

If your company has a child friendly policy, it should also provide child friendly PC's.

Fill up an old PII with some kids learning games and educational software, then the kids can actually learn something instead of playing with the network.

I used to go to work with my dad on weekends when I was little too, it was a great learning experience. He was a machinist and marine engineer though, so I was allowed to use CERTAIN machines (I could use a lathe by age 11) and play with CERTAIN stuff in the boat dry docks and it gave me goo dhands on skills early on. But he would always give me something to occupy myself while he was working. When I was really little, 6-10 say, I would be given things to measure with micrometers or things to clean up (very important shop skill to learn!) etc. WHen I was older, he'd give me little welding and machining projects that he could easily redo in minutes if needed but they'd keep me busy and taught me valuable skills while I was at it.

Hanging out and just playing around all day is not productive though.

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I couldn't agree more!

by Mad*Max In reply to Of course not

I couldn't agree more!

If you give your kid a chance to learn or to get better at something, and some guidance while he does it, he or she will benefit - and will appreciate you more.

Simply parking the kid at a computer, letting him play some jump-and-run games, and doing your own thing in the meantime will likely prove detrimental to the child, especially if there is no social interaction.

And another thing - what if the company were to provide, say, a basketball hoop in a corner of the parking lot? It would give your kid a chance to have some fun while getting a nice workout, and a chance to interact with other kids.

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by PercyKing In reply to Of course not

Exactly as I see it. Hey, it's great to encourage kids into whatever area you work in, but when at work, as others have sid, there are limits

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I would say no unless...

by Hockeyist In reply to Children in the workplace

...there was a kidsafe room like at Ikea and it was well utilized. I have been working on weekends and after hours (these time slots seem to attract a lot of kids to the office) and have came close to injuring a kid and almost losing data at my open terminal (which I have religiously locked from that time on). On one occasion I didn't see a kid come out of an office from the side when I was carrying a monitor and stumbled over him. The other time I came back to my desk to find that a kid had homed in on my laptop and was happily hammering away at my keyboard. Luckily for me I had nwadmin minimized.
It also comes down to the social maturity of parents and "their" supervision of "their" offspring. I don't know how many times I wanted to have a go at parents at shopping centres for the actions of their kids (It's not in any way the kids fault).

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