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Chime in about Windows XP

By debate ·
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How to...

by jkaras In reply to Chime in about Windows XP

uninstall tcp/ip without reloading XP? Microsoft claims that tcp/ip cannot be corrupted, but what if it happens? Also if you forget the admin password technet claims that all you need to do is create floppy on that machine with the required files and enter safe mode, but it claims you need to log on as admin?
I admit I am not a fan of XP and find it a disapointment and choose to use win2k.

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Use the NETSH command

by Malcolm R In reply to How to...

netsh can be used to reset the Windows XP TCP/IP stack back to its default configuration.

P.S. You have to make the password reset disk _before_ you forget the admin password.


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by tripplec In reply to How to...

Remove protocol and the add it back and any other to rebuild the protocol stack. However, previously used setting for TCPIP are retained in the registry keys. They are NOT recreated when reinstalling. I know of now way to reset or purge them without coping a good key from another system. The occurs also in W2k as I had delt with the issue. Hope this helps.

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reset admin password

by In reply to How to...

here is one that i found should work on reseting the admin password.

i have found several more. they are all linux boot cds or disks. i use a boot disk and it works great on xp, 2k, nt4. look around, im sure you will find the utility that is right for u.

as for removing tcpip you might try uninstalling the network adapter then reinstalling it. that may actually reinstall tcpip. or not i havent tested it, just a thought.

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Resetting the password

by Jim Brubaker In reply to How to...

If you use wininternals admiministrative pack3 and build an ERD Commander recovery disk, it has locksmith on it and you can reset the admin password. plus that netsh command that someone else mentioned will reset the tcpip-- I learned one caveat--before you reinstall windows over an old xp install, remove the service pack. If you don't,after you install windows over the top, you dial up will not function. You need to reinstall the service pack--and if your on a dial up without a full copy of service pack one, your dead in the water. Microsoft acknowleges the error

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Troubles with XP

by jterry In reply to Resetting the password

I may be teeing off some people but I believe all of the problems people have with XP stem from the fact they are too lazy or unskilled to reformat and make a fresh install. They install it over an existing system. I don't even trust a new PC when I buy it with XP already installed. I reformat it and build it from scratch. I have had no problems with XP, or none that I can attribute to the operating system.

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Troubles with XP

by Grizlybare In reply to Troubles with XP

Congratulations JTerry. That is a rare occurrence with XP. I tried 4 times to get it loaded before I finally got it to load properly. Working with a clean (new)system, I got 2 loadings with a 2gig max C drive, getting that taken care of I next encountered start up glitches, resolving that my next glitch is with IE. It seems that winsock2 didn't load, and wasn't on the CD. Calling Microsoft was a waste of time because they wouldn't give support unless it was paid for and then it wasn't guaranteed. I am still in the process of repairing this one. Oh yes! Each time after the first loading and activation of XP you have to keep calling them for a new activation number. It's alway refreshing to hear of a Microsoft installation success story or anything successful with Microsoft. Thank you.

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XP Woes!

by alwaysared In reply to Troubles with XP

Hi All,
I must admit that I loved XP, I installed it on a machine I built my self in November 2001, not long after its release and I have run it without any problems. Then a couple of weeks ago it started the dreaded reboot loop, I tried safe mode, safe mode with network, safe mode with command prompt and still no luck. So I then I thought I would try booting to the XP CD-ROM, but it kept bypassing my CD and trying to boot to the HDD! I then tried booting to a Knoppix CD (a full version of Linux on a CD-ROM, if you have not tried it you should, it as saved some important files for me in the past and it booted no problem! It shows your HDD on the desktop so I took this opportunity to transfer any important data over to my Linux server. I have tried to boot to all my old windows CD-ROM's (98SE,NT, 2K etc.) and still it went sraight to the HDD. After formatting the HDD I tried again and no it tells me "DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER" I have sinced tried 4 different CD-ROM drives, another motherboard a new HDD and still the same results! The really weird thing is it will boot any of my Linux CD-ROM's (RH9, Mandrake, Lycoris etc.) Anyone got any suggestions before I have to throw Windows through the window!!!!!!!

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Re:Xp Woes!

by Reles In reply to XP Woes!

alwaysared why dont you just put a boot-loader?? how about lilo or even grub, you can mount just about anything with them i have win98, XP and Red Hat 8 working on the same Pc and no problems with them even the fact that my kid brothers use the Pc. The part of the Win CDRoms not booting is odd even to me that i have almost 5 years experience with OS Instalations and Troubleshooting PC's are you sure that your CDRoms havent been Corrupted? By the message it prompts you it seems that your bios isnt set to the right Boot sequence or that your Roms aren bootable.

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Same as you

by ibhavaraju In reply to Re:Xp Woes!

I would like know what I can do too !!!! with XP and NTFS. Is the safest option - Reformatting and reloading ?

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