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XP Poblems

by m.otton1 In reply to Chime in about XP

Have had two unsolvable problems with my XP Home. The first is that my search does not operate. I choose search and then all files and folders and type in the name of a known file.By clicking on search a box comes up marked search companion and I press OK. It now tells me it is searching and the little dog is nodding his head but there is no activity with the hard drive and never any results even though it is definitely there.
The other problem is that with either Nero InCD or Adaptec it will not write or format a CDRw disc. It recognises the blank Cd when inserted and even tells me it will take about 40 - 90 mins to format but then after about twenty seconds gives me a windows error message 2 saying a problem has occured withy the media.I have tried new media and even a new drive but to no avail. I have an Artec WRR-52X and yes I used Adaptec 6. Any help gratefullt received.

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by Byron_Millison In reply to XP Poblems

Well, the search issue I'm unsure about (perhaps a repair install? Or a reinstall in a different directory?). However, for the burner issue, you may want to check the PSU. Try swapping it out and see if either burner still has issues. Also, try loading up CloneCD and see if it has problems erasing RW's. I've run into this issue before on my own system, however in that case it was my burner that was bad. But this might help you. Good luck.

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Burner Problem

by Plainbroke In reply to Solutions?

Turn off the Windows XP burner Service

IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service
set it for manual or Disable it either way works for me... and I was having the same problems.

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Check for...

by mryan In reply to XP Poblems

Let's start with the CD burner problem first. Do you have both Adaptec and Nero installed at the same time? If so, I'd imagine they could be conflicting with one another. Can you burn CDs using XP's built in burning software? Since you already trieda different drive, let's assume the drive is o.k. Possible problems could be your drive cable, a weak power supply, or possibly a bad IDE controller on your motherboard. I had replaced a CD burner that wrote fine, but I couldn't read large files (say > 100MB) without the computer hitting a blue screen. When the new drive didn't fix it, (and trying new cables, etc.) I swapped the MB and all my problems cleared up.

As far as the search goes, are you sure you are looking in the correct folders?Be sure to start the search from the root of the drive(s) (example: "Local Harddrives"). It is possible that the file you are looking for either A) has a slightly different spelling than you think, such as a space at the end of the name. Try using wild cards (example: "filename*.*"). B) The file name may have changed due to a family member renaming or deleting the file and not realizing it. C) It's possible a virus has changed the name of the file.

Just to make sure the search is working, just try searching for "*". You should get lots of files.

You may not get much disk I/O on a search for several reasons. If you have plenty of RAM and you don't have too many files on your hard drive, it's possible that you ran the search more than once. Then the entire directory tree is likely to be cached, so very little reading from the hard drive needs to be done to complete the search. Also, if you are not starting at the root folder on the drive, there may simply not be very many folders to look through, so your drive is accessed very little.

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XP Search and burner prob

by HVTechRick In reply to XP Poblems

I can only image that your search problem may ultimately be your own use of it. Sorry. I would double check your search options. Scroll trough the "Search Companion", the doggie, and make sure searching your intended folder or drive, file modified, size, system files and folders, hidden files and folders, subfolders and any case sensitivity issues? You set them or unset them. You decided. Then seach and see if the problem still exist.

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by chris In reply to XP Search and burner prob

Do you have SP2 installed on your XP home machine? From what I understand, there have been some bugs with XP Home's SP2. You may do some research on that and see if this is causing you problems.

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Search solution

by Plainbroke In reply to XP Search and burner prob

You may be looking for a file that you or the Operating System has turned the hidden or system attribute on. Then you have to tell XP in advanced search to look in system folders hidden folders and subfolders... that happened to me recently I couldsee the file in explorer but search would not find it... and almost imediatly would come back with file not found... after I check attributes (right click and click on properties) I saw that it was a hidden file for some silly reason. So I went in to advanced options in search and told it to look in system hidden and subfolders and low and behold there it was...
Sometimes computers are very stubborn about giving up information...

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XP Problems

by shawn_r26 In reply to XP Poblems

How long have you had this problem? If you can pinpoint when you first experienced trouble, you can use the system restore and select a date before this to restore any missing or corrupt system files in your operating system. However, If you neverused the system restore to create a check point after you installed any new hardware or software, the system restore will restore the operating system back to it's original state and you will need to reintall the software and drivers to any new hardware you later installed. To use system restore: click Start...All Programs...Accessories...System Tools...System Restore.

I hope this is of some help to you.

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by davidfurness In reply to XP Poblems

Both of your problems could be caused a compatability issue with the northbridge chipset on the motherboard. I had a simaliar problem with a DVD drive about a year ago. I ended up changing the motherboard to cure the problem. Upgrading the Bios may solve the problem. Have you got Service Pack 1 installed, this cured a lot of problems. Hope this helps.

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A couple more things to try

by madhatter_202 In reply to XP Poblems

Do a properties on your hard drives and make sure that the "Allow indexing service" box is checked. If you suspect it could be in a certain folder do a properties on the folder(S), click the advanced button, and check the "Folder is ready for Archiving" box.

As for your Burner. Like was started before, use only 1 burning application and make sure it has the latest patches for it. I think there might also be a patch on Windows Update that pertains to CD burning as well. I ran into that problem several times on XP Pro and Home. Hook your burner onto you Primary master cable with your hard drive (may have to set the jumper to slave) and see what it does from there or maybe get an old "Ultra66" PCI IDE card to help see if the Mother Board Controller is bad. Can it even play a music cd or read a data CD of any kind??

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