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China hacks US Foreign affairs computers?

By Oz_Media ·
China on Thursday dismissed accusations from two United States lawmakers that it had hacked their office computers as alarmist and unfounded. U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf, a Virginia Republican, said his office computers had been compromised in August 2006 and that he was told by the FBI and other officials the source of the attack was inside China. Rep. Christopher Smith, who sits on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said his computer had also been attacked from China.

?Is there any evidence? Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said at a regular news conference in Beijing. ?? China is still a developing country. Does that mean we have already mastered such high-end technology? Personally I? don?t believe that.? Wolf said the computers that were targeted contained sensitive information about human rights in China, while Smith, a New Jersey Republican, said he had ?every reason to believe? the Chinese government was to blame. ?I?d like to advise some people in the U.S. not to be overly suspicious and not to make sensational remarks all the time,? Qin said. ?They should rather do more things that help China-U.S. friendship and understanding.?


Sounds like a vallainous cartoon, "No no we didn't do it. Don't worry about us, we should all be friends!"

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It sounds like this Republican was not taught responsible data security.

by $$$$$$$$$$ In reply to China hacks US Foreign af ...

There should be a law.

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Do members of Congress manage their own PC's?

by jdclyde In reply to It sounds like this Repub ...

I would THINK there would be a central organization responsible for that?

Anyone know about this?

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I don't know. Let's just blame Al Gore and call it a day.

by $$$$$$$$$$ In reply to Do members of Congress ma ...

Making DARPANET available to the world was truly a stupid idea. Why on Earth do we share our network with countries we even suspect of spying on our legislators?

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I reserve judgement until the technical details are revealed

by robo_dev In reply to China hacks US Foreign af ...

It was probably some virus infection and they got a lot of Viagra pop-up ads and now it's an international incident.

Think about it, if you're really good professional Chinese hacker, you're not going to leave a simple trail back to your door.

You would compromise a computer somewhere else, like Canada, then use that as a jumping -off point.

Then there would be some missle-strike by the US to Ottawa in retaliation for the vicious Canadian Cyber-attack.

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Perhaps it was

by Oz_Media In reply to I reserve judgement until ...

Perhaps it was another person using a Chinese computer to hack? Just as with your seggestion towards a Canadian hack.

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People need to get a clue

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to China hacks US Foreign af ...

Tainted food.

Poison toys.

Computer hacks.

Friendship and understanding. Here's some understanding: YOU SEE US AS THE ENEMY, AND EVERY ACTION BEARS THIS TO BE TRUE.

The greater our reliance on China, the greater the morass our economy faces.

Coincidence? I think not.

The fact the US continually pumps money into areas that hate us (mid-east, far-east) doesn't bode well for our economic well being long term!!

The line about mastering high-end technology...absolutely classic. Reminds me of the SNL skit with the caveman attorney; "your ways are very strange and new to me, I am but a simple caveman". Qin Gang may not have mastered American technology, but he seems to have American politics/PR down pat!!

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