Chip Away (R) Virus on Guard

By bcde100 ·
I have virus in my computer, just as say in step 2. It is not in the hard drive, but it is in the motherboard. Every time when I start my computer, it shows message at the tome of booting, " Chip Away (R) Virus on Guard".

Computer work find off line, but I do not get
connection to INTERNET.

What I should do with, and how this type of virus can be removed?

I did all possible, I could, but still no luck. I try several virus programs, but they do not read that virus. Also I try to repair
Vin Sock, and so on. Has anyone solution?
If someone has answer, e-mail me

Thank you in Advanced


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Um, Not!

by Kenone In reply to Chip Away (R) Virus on Gu ...

The ChipAway virus is not a virus at all. In fact, it is a poorly
chosen name for a good idea. Many PCs have an advanced BIOS feature
that, when activated, prevents any writes to the MBR through BIOS disk
routines. If active, this feature can cause problems if you install non-
DOS operating systems (like OS/2, Windows 95 or Windows NT), as their
installation routines typically need to write to the MBR, but for
general purpose computers, it is a good idea to turn on these options,
if they exist.

Unfortunately, one of the earliest and most widely available
implementations of this idea prints a message on screen at each system
startup to the effect "ChipAwayVirus installed". This is supposed to
calm the owner's nerves, making them confident that their BIOS antivirus
system is working for them. For fairly obvious reasons, it tends to
have the opposite effect!

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So, please describe the internet connection problem.

by seanferd In reply to Chip Away (R) Virus on Gu ...

As noted by Kenone, Chip Away is not the problem.

What error messages do you get when trying to connect? Do you connect with a router or modem? If so, is the connection to the device working?

Perhaps post the result of
ipconfig /all
(type this at the command line).

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Chip Away (R) Virus on Guard

by bcde100 In reply to So, please describe the i ...

I using modem directly to internet. Modem works , because I have 2 computers.

I even reloaded windows, and all work ok off line. Message shows when I start computer.

it gives me IP

Thank you


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OK, but

by seanferd In reply to Chip Away (R) Virus on Gu ...

please post the output of this command:

ipconfig /all

You enter this at the command line.
Click Start, click Run, type
in the run box and click OK.
When the command window opens, type
ipconfig /all
and hit Enter.

Copy the output and paste it into a forum post.

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WOW! - lots of info

by Snuffy09 In reply to Chip Away (R) Virus on Gu ...

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