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Chip Boy dies at age 18; Greeting Chip Boy, customer 01F7-583D-4E09!

By Dr Dij ·
A prodigy, one of the first people to get a 'dog tag' implanted in his arm. 'Chip Boy' as the media calls him, died in a motorcycle accident where he lost control.

here's the article on if doesnt work go there and type chip boy in search.;jsessionid=VDMCSTLP552SGQSNDLRSKH0CJUNN2JVN?articleID=193402720&queryText=chip+boy

Like Sun's Scot McNeally, he promoted the use of implantable ID chips like they use on pets and in my Sci-Fi books. Unlike my sci-fi books tho, where the undergound are usually trying to disable them or get counterfeit chips out of dead people to avoid being detected at your corner store by the emperor's point-of-sale network..

I'm not just a name, I'm a 16 digit Hex Code!!!! :)

Not sure why I'm mentioning this. Maybe ironic that he committed motorcyclicide. 18 year old in college. 12 year old certified in IT. Poor kid needed to be a kid sometime..

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