Chipset normal running temperature?

By spiralingcrazies ·
I have a DFI UltraII-M2 mobo:

The chipset temp is clocking at 58 celsius. Is this normal? If not - how can I reduce it?
The PC so far is running fine, no glitches, I am just worried I might fry the motherboard running at this high temp. Thanks.

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I'm not positive but I don't think you have anything to worry about.

by OnTheRopes In reply to Chipset normal running te ...
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You are fine.

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Chipset normal running te ...

30?C (86?F) to 63?C (145?F) is the typical temperature range you'll find CPUs running at with proper ventilation. Although, according to the manufacturer of your board, "the 'safe limit' for the CPU is between 20->45?C."
That sounds awful optimistic to me.

Is the temp you quoted from the CPU?
My P4 runs at 50?C avg., while in another desktop a quad core runs at 58?C. After an hour or so of high-graphic video gaming, the CPU will be around 66?C. I feel very comfortable with these temps.

Of course, you could always easily lower the temp by adding fans or replacing the ones you have with more efficient ones. Having more than one pulling air in and others pushing air out helps. Cleaning them occasionally is also a good idea.

If your CPU spends most of its time in the 70?C+ range, I might be concerned. But I think you are fine.

However, your concern is understandable. Since heat does definitely effect the life expectancy of components. Plus, cooler temperatures typically equate to faster operation of drives, & CPUs.

Additional note: One of the most common sources of excessive heat inside a case is the video card. Make sure it has the best ventilation/air circulation that you can give it.

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It's not overly hot

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Chipset normal running te ...

But if you are concerned you can bung in some more Case Fans to push more cooling air through the insides of the case.

The accepted standard to to have Fans at the front sucking air in and fans at the back blowing air out so you have air going in at the front and leaving out the back of the case. If you where to have air sucked in at the back you could pickup hot air from the Power Supply which wouldn't allow as much cooling.


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