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chkdsk not valid drive c:

By pablonava ·
i have windows xp. when i turn on the PC, i have the message "press F1 for Boot or F2 for setup"
i ran system console recovery from "a:" and also from "d:" and type chkdsk with all parameters, /r , /p and drive only,
and display "the specified drive is not valid, or there is no disk in drive"
i type map and display

a: floppy
d: cd-rom

and the hard disk ????
i don?t know if fixboot, fixbmr can erase my files.

i want to recover some family photos.

thanks a lot.

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by kokwee_1867 In reply to chkdsk not valid drive c:

You will need a hard disk recovery firm. Start here:

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by pablonava In reply to

with recovery console i can't run a program, only recovery console commands. Maybe could be hardware restriction.
Also i try with several boot floppy disk and only see drive a: as floppy and drice c: as CD-rom. (Compaq PC)
Thanks a lot.

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by BFilmFan In reply to chkdsk not valid drive c:

Check your BIOS settings to see if the disk is being seen.

Check the data and power cables.

If those are fine, I agree with Paul, you need a hard disk recovery.

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by pablok In reply to chkdsk not valid drive c:

cool !!! not everyday i meet someone with the same name: anyway, if the pics is so important to u >>> put ur drive into any other PC also running WinXP, and copy the pics off it (hopefully it was detected)... u'll find that the other pc may c ur drive, if so u can scan and defrag it there.after that exercise u can try whatever suggestions u may find.

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by cglrcng In reply to chkdsk not valid drive c:

Keep trying Safe Mode...It may take a whole bunch of Safe Mode attempts but you will eventually get there. (F to get to the expanded choices boot menu in XP.

It happened again to my dual boot system again yesterdy after I received a message that there were avail. patches from Win Update. Has something to do w/ Disk Security Descriptors in the MBR, but replacing the MBR isn't the key unless you are ready to reformat and lose that data.

This time I went in through the Win98SE side on \ and used NSW w/ utilities launched from the CD, I ran disk cleanup on C (of course it will say the recycle bin is in the wrong format...Dump it anyway!), then actually ran scandisk (which said it cured some errors on C run from within \, though remember both of my installed OS's is in Fat32...No NTSF file system here). Then I ran WinDr (fixed a few minor Windows and app's errors), then Disk Dr. (though Disk Dr. always say's it can't run on XP (usually says it needs to schedule a DSKCHK and needs to be rebooted)...It did this time though right through to a full freespace check.

But it allowed me to boot normally after calling out Disk Security Descriptor errors on C:\, then fixing them from within \. Am told that CHKDSK /r or /p from within the Recovery Repair Panel is the way to go, But I have found better luck running the CHKDSK from Norton's Disk Dr., either from a dual boot side or from Safe Mode of the affected system, doesn't seem to matter what the problem is as the scanner determines the switches applied and how deep the problems it sees in the initial scan (the Norton scanners do work in Safe Mode from the CD).

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by glyall In reply to chkdsk not valid drive c:

Remove the hard drive from the PC and install a seconf drive in another PC.
Sometimes the chkdsk will run to check the second hard drive. If does great.
You should be able to copy the files that you need to the first hard drive if the hard drive is not dead.

Good Luck

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by kokwee_1867 In reply to chkdsk not valid drive c:

Maybe your HDD has being attack from virus that attack your master boot record..In this case, you'll not be able to access your HDD eventhough you boot from floppy and or run checkdisk..
Try reformat your HDD and run recovery console.. :)

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