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    CHKDSK with Windows XP Home SP1 and NTFS Hard Disk


    by stanley_shaldon ·

    For unknown reason a chkdsk request has appeared for my principal hard disk formatted as NTFS with OS Windows XP SP1. I cannot access the /r coammnd with chkdsk in run which only functions as a read command and will not correct the apparent error. As a consequence my defragmentation program Diskeeper 8.0 will not defragment the disk. I ahve not been able to run the recovery Console during startup and so cannot run chkdsk during starup. As the disk is functioning well with XP I do not want to reformat in FAT to use a DOS program to clear the chkdsk command which is probably a false one. Any suggestions will be welcome

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      by jellimonsta ·

      In reply to CHKDSK with Windows XP Home SP1 and NTFS Hard Disk

      I do not understand the entirety of your problem, but chkdsk for XP initializes on next reboot. So when you enter the command chkdsik /r (which actually stands for repair/recover) it will inform you that chkdsk will run on next reboot and then prompt you to respond.
      Once you respond yes, you can restart and your system will run the chkdsk. You can not run chkdsk in the Windows environment as the OS grabs files that chkdsk needs to complete successfully.

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