chkdsk won't run on Startup On Windows XP on an Encrypted Drive

By MBHockey13 ·
We have a user with a Windows XP Pro machine with some issues. When we boot into Command Line Safe Mode and attempt to run chkdsk, it reports that it can't run it due to running processes, but it will do it on the next boot - but it never runs. Using a boot disk or Recovery Console will not work because the hard drive is encrypted. Any thoughts around this?

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You answered your own question. EFS won't allow chkdsk to work

by Why Me Worry? In reply to chkdsk won't run on Start ...

Because when the machine boots to run chkdsk, the services needed to provide the private key for EFS decryption are not running. Thus, chkdsk chokes and can't proceed. EFS is more trouble than it's worth and constitutes over 70% of calls to helpdesk because users stupidly lock themselves out of their own files or format the hard disk of encrypted files and then expect some miracle to decrypt their restored encrypted files after the fact that their private key is lost for eternity after the format.

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