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Chlorine Gas ruining computers

By graeme ·
Anyone got any experience of premature hardware failures in a chlorine atmosphere? Specifically computers in a swimming pool type environment.

I understand the physics - Free chlorine gas with moisture forms corrosive Hydrochloric Acid - eats metal. Architects have understood this since the first roof over a swimming pool caved in because of corrosion.

Googling shows some attorneys claim to have won cases for damages for chlorine gas damage to computers. Fumigating the Senate Offices for Anthrax with chlorine in 2001 was also noted as probably going to cause problems with computers.

I?m trying to equip a computer room for a potential client ? it is right next to a pool and is not as well ventilated as it probably should be. I don?t want to be eating warranty in the future and it is a tough sell to the client to say the computers come unwarranted because of the environmental conditions. But I could make a much better VAR case if I helped them get it right and we costed in some extra ventilation.

If anyone has got good illustrative stories or can point me at scientific type web references I would love to hear from you!


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Industrial Computer Source

by dafe2 In reply to Chlorine Gas ruining comp ...

We've used industrial rack mounted systems in two water treatment plants and an oil refinery...

A couple of distributors we've used to complete these jobs: Industrial Computer Source (California) and Transduction Ltd (Canada.

They where able to help us with industrial 19" racks and Rack Mounted Servers and PC's....all chassis where designed for use in "rugged" environments. In our case, very high humidity, chlorine gas, potential shock hazards to name a few you may face in your case.

I found that googling about industrial control systems sometimes helps give me some ideas on how to overcome some of the obstacles we face from time to time with our clients.

Hope you find this helpful (and) you win your clients confidence.

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Industrial Computer Source

by davidl In reply to Industrial Computer Sourc ...

The web address for Industrial Computer Source is

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Similar discussion here...

by house In reply to Chlorine Gas ruining comp ...

Sorry that I can't help, but there is a similar thread over here...

The room will need ventilation and insulation. That is a given.

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silicon sprays?

by jdclyde In reply to Chlorine Gas ruining comp ...

I have seen and used some sprays to keep the posts from corroding.

Wonder if there is one that the inside of the computer could be sprayed with to seal it against the moisture and chloine?

Just a thought.

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Try this

by featherman In reply to Chlorine Gas ruining comp ...

do a google search (or whatever your favorite search engine is...) for Computer Environmental enclosures - look at the ITAC stuff, and the DustProofComputers stuff....

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Clorine gas and computers

by davidl In reply to Chlorine Gas ruining comp ...

You probably want to look at the system from Daisy Data. These are sealed and can provide purging. See

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Thank you!

by dafe2 In reply to Clorine gas and computers

Very much appreciate you posting the link to Daisy Data...this looks like a valueable lead for me as well.

Your company may prove usefull for us as well for SBC's too as we seem to be limited to Transduction here in Canada.

Thank you David.
Unless you know of a distributor here?

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Thank you all and....

by graeme In reply to Thank you!

....the potential client chose not to accept our advice and we declined to furnish equipment. Someone else got the job. We wish them luck!

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