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Choose the right network management tool

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Do you use network management tools to secure your organization's network? Which tool do you think is the best for both purposes? Share your comments about choosing a network management tool that can also help bolster security, as discussed in the July 16 Security Solutions e-newsletter.

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Security of the Network

by arnnei In reply to Choose the right network ...

The security of the network starts at the point of entry. That is the moment you Login into the network.

The most vulnerable point is the fixed password we are using. Until lately it was too expensive to purchase a TFA OTO tokens based system to protect that point.
But, recently a company by the name of Mega AS Consulting Ltd. from New Zealand came with a low cost CAT ? Cellular Authentication Token ( This new tech. Solution is opening a b\new era where every business can enjoy the security level of TFA OTP.

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Nice try, but...

by Uncle Jim In reply to Security of the Network

Thanks for the advertisement. However, securing login authentication can be done at the server level and there are many built-in server tools to monitor this.

As most network engineers will tell you, one of the most vulnerable areas in a network is the employee. We can successfully guard and protect the front door and still have our networks taken down by an employee who downloads the wrong file or opens their private email on their company computer that has a virus or puts a floppy in the A: drive that contains a virus, etc.

Authenticating users is the easiest part of the job. Controlling the users once they log on is the real problem.

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Controlling the users ...

by Mike Mullins In reply to Nice try, but...

Uncle Jim, I couldn't agree with you more that the real problem lies in controlling authenticated users - PLUS, denying unauthorized users. That's the real challenge.

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That's what web proxies are for

by chucksel In reply to Nice try, but...

Proxying users' web requests is a MUST. Not the total answer, but scanning web traffic for virus-laden signatures and java/asp applets are something that has to be done in conjunction with a firewall.

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Choose the right network management tool

by blacklab33 In reply to Choose the right network ...

There seem to be great SNMP management tools but what about legacy networks! I have yet to find a tool that can do both effectively

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