Choosing 2 graphic cards..

By gabrielyeo11 ·
Hello,i have this DDR1 computer,and i do not have money to do a DDR2 , so i have a choice of 2 cards that my nearby shop sells ..(I use AGP 8X)

Inno3D 6200 Geforce AGP 8X 256MB

-Core Clock Speed - 300 MHz
-Memory Frequency - 400MHz
XFX GeForce 7300 LE DDR 128MB

-Memory Clock - 400 MHz
-Engine Clock - 450 MHz

Copied and pasted from the different websites , anyway,please tell me which to buy among this 2 , i know there is 7600 and 7800 for ddr1 but u know,i want to save the spare cash for a whole PC makeover (IM USING 64 MB VIA/S3G Unichrome intergrated,and i need a card that could play counter-strike 1.6 without graphic lag when there are 32 players in the room)

-intend to get call of duty 4
-intend to get battlefield 2
-if 128mb isnt enough ill get 256mb,but does it really matter for cs1.6,CoD4,BF2?

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re: choosing between 2 cards

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Choosing 2 graphic cards. ...

Since the beginning of time, in computer terms, the more RAM on a video card there is, the better off you are.

The first question you have to ask yourself is if your system will support an 8X AGP card or not. If not, either the card will slow to a crawl or not work at all. Also, I can't find any GeForce 7300 LE DDR card that is AGP. Everything I find is PCI-E which is not the same.

The second question you have to ask is IF the target game will support either of these cards. The game site usually has a list of supported graphics adapters. Check there.

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The Radeon 9800 pro

by Dumphrey In reply to re: choosing between 2 ca ...

128 card performed almost identical to the 256 version, and in some cases even performed better. But, I have a feeling this no longer applies, as memory controllers have gotten better.

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Recommended AGP cards

by JamesRL In reply to Choosing 2 graphic cards. ...

I would suggest you take a look at Tomshardware for some analysis.

Here is a relevant article:

Tom's recommended AGP card for under $100 is the Radeon X1650 Pro.
Here is a newegg listing:
Cheapest at $44 for a 512 MB card.

I can tell you from experience with the same chipset (x1600) in a PCIe card that this will run Battlefield 2 and CoD 4 pretty well, depending of course on the resolution you set.

I would stay away from the 6200, thats a low end card not suitable for gaming. Games may launch but you will not be happy with the speed.

As for memory versus graphics processor, I will disagree with thumbs, I have had the exerience of running comparisons, and I would chose a faster processor over more RAM.

I first played Battlefield 2 on an FX 5200 and it was dreadful.


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access speed over processor or ram

by jdclyde In reply to Recommended AGP cards

The bus speed of PCIe over AGP is the biggest factor here.

of course, it is dependent on the MB it is dropped into.....

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Theory versus reality

by JamesRL In reply to access speed over process ...

When PCIe cards first hit the scene there were some suprising benchmarks. Some cards with the same chipset RAM/clock speeds were actually benchmarked slightly faster in AGP and PCIe (v1 of course).

The OP though doesn't have a choice unless he upgrades the whole system (or has one of the rare funky MBs that has both AGP and PCIe).


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The PCI-e card, all the way

by jdclyde In reply to Choosing 2 graphic cards. ...

As long as it is supported by your MD and the games.

I would START at 256mb ram for the card though.

Does your MB have both AGP and PCIe slots that you can choose from either?

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Only AGP on my MB

by gabrielyeo11 In reply to The PCI-e card, all the w ...

1 AGP 8X slot thats all (excluding PCI)(no pci-e)

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I own an x1600 agp8

by Dumphrey In reply to Only AGP on my MB

and I play HalfLife 2 on it with no burps. It is by no means a powerhouse of gaming capacity, but it will trounce the 6200 with half its data buses tied behind its board. (It compares to the 7600 in Nvidia AGP cards).

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That elminates one of the two

by jdclyde In reply to Only AGP on my MB

making your decision much easier, huh?

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i found out something

by gabrielyeo11 In reply to That elminates one of the ...

from wikipedia.org i think that model of the 7300 is geforce 7300 se (i know se sucks)

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