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Choosing and planning a career....

By MC910 ·
I am a master's degree holder from Florida. I did my master's in Electical engineering but for some reason i choose IT as my career. I am working as a developer from past 2 years. Now I would like to pursue PMP or MBA.
My ultimate goal is to acheive a managerial position. I always wanted this.Better late than never, wish to acheive it.
Please suggest if I need to look for a Business analyst position initially and then do a PMP or do a MBA and then directly search for managerial options.

Thanks in Advance.

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I would question

by santeewelding In reply to Choosing and planning a c ...

That you "are" a master's degree.

Could be the root of the problem that you put forth here.

First off my mind: why not run with the master's in EE and create your own operation? Pick up the master's in business administration on-the-job, as you would be forced to do?

Unless you simply enjoy schooling for its own sake. Many do that. And, they never get around to doing it.

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Answer - "I would question"

by MC910 In reply to I would question

Firstly, Thanks a lot for the response and suggestion. I appreciate it.

Yes, I hold a Master's degree. But going to school is not my passion. I tried to choose a career in EE but somehow It did not intrest me so much and I then realised that I would be best suited and more intrested on management side rather than EE.
So, one option as you suggested is to go with Busisness Admin while I work.
Are there any other suggestablre options?

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by santeewelding In reply to Answer - "I would questio ...

I was not questioning the titular. I questioned the nominal.

Second, I did not suggest Business Admin in a course of formal schooling while you work. I suggested your own experience of entrepreneurship as schooling.

However you decide, I wish you good fortune.

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by JamesRL In reply to Choosing and planning a c ...

I think its good to get some level of management experience in before you start an MBA. It could be managing a small team, or managing projects for a few years.

A PMP requires years of project management experience.

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