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Choosing between UNIX and SQL platform

By johnmurad ·
I am working on designinig an Information system for University (LAN) with 100 Campus (WAN) and About 70000 students + 6000 Teachers + administration staff about 1000. The quaestion is which Platform would be better to Handel all kind of activities that will be needed in such case UNIX OR SQL and what is the diffrences.
Thank you in advance

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by evkuo In reply to Choosing between UNIX and ...

You are comparing apples and oranges. UNIX is a network operating system which I assume you're looking for, while SQL is a type of database (and there are different vendors for SQL). Can you clarify?

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by Jose Mir In reply to Choosing between UNIX and ...

It looks quite a big project.
Without knowing anything more I could suggest three different options:

A) - Keeping the investment low: Linux + MySQL

B) - Power : AIX + DB2

C) - Easy administration and control: NetWare + MySQL

The three options will provide huge escalability, speed, stability and openess (J2EE, etc.). Option "C" will simplify remote topology and will lower the maintenance and support costs drastically.

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by JayAllen In reply to Choosing between UNIX and ...

I am assuming that when you say 'SQL' you mean Microsoft SQL. Therefore, you are comparing MS to Unix, correct? I don't think anyone but yourself should answer this because it will be base on your experience and comfort level. Both perform quite well.

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by KhongPhuTu In reply to Choosing between UNIX and ...


Let me answer what I think is the intent of your question: Whether to use MS SQL DB or Oracle DB on Unix platform (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Linux flavors)?

Your input only give a sense of how large the DB is. To make informed assessment, you need to specify the expected usage, which translated to numbers of concurrent connections and expected numbers of transactions per unit of time, such as per minute or per hours (transaction processing rate). You also need to specify the expected user response time. Also what is the expected network latency?

I sounds like you'd be better of using Oracle running on a Unix platform such as Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, or HPQ HP-UX. Oracle is superior to MS SQL for large DB and high transaction rate. My experience with MS SQL shows that it's good in small environment, small transaction rate, and low latency. The CON is that Oracle and UNIX hardware costs more.

You can also run Oracle DB on Intel-based servers, but it's far inferior to Oracle on UNIX platforms.

For more info, check out website.

Good luck.

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