Choosing IP Schema for Win2K3 Single Domain - Clues!!

By fahimdxb ·
Some time ago, The decision was taken by my corporation to shift to Single Domain AD model rather than the current multiple, parent child domains spanned across various geographical locations connected via VSAT/leased lines currently.

What will precede Single domain would be a Global WAN where one service provider will likely manage MPLS links across various office sites. The dedicated bandwidth will vary from 512K to 2mbps.

My recent concern is to think about designing an IP Schema for all locations spanning across UK/Gulf/Asian countries. Some IT guys are of the opinion that we would assign IP addresses from the current pool at each location to the new servers and undertake migration. I feel that re-designing the whole IP Schema would be a better idea because the current one is very haphazard and and has evolved over time.

While I push for a new design, I need to take of security issues and future scalability at each location.

What all factors should I incorporate in my IP design in this scenario? Is there anything I have to take into consideration vis a vis MPLS backbone?

Does anyone has any experience in designing an IP schema for such a project?

All advise is welcome.

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by TheVirtualOne In reply to Choosing IP Schema for Wi ...

security and scalability 'eh...

The first thing that comes to mind is that you should change the schema before you try to do anything with the AD.

Then start looking at IPv6 and the impact that it will have IF you were to choose it when you were building the new schema. It will happen. The only question is when. My first concern with IPv6 are the networked devices. Everything other than a computer that has an IP address. That will be expensive part of the upgrade process. Copiers, Printers, Manufacturing devices, Time and Attendance Machines... all of those things will be difficult and expensive.

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