Choosing the right motherboard for Realan E-W80

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Hello, I'm about to buy a new PC case E-W80 http://www.minicase.net/product_E-W80.html , and I'm little stuck as far as the motherboard goes. I'm building the pc for video editing on Premire and some After Effects work. But I really am not sure what motherboard I should choose. I have no current plan to do any overclocking. I do want to put 32-64G of memory, and I want everything to work super fast. Some people offered me to buy the Asus PRIME X370-PRO, and from reviews I saw, it seems like a solid buy. But at the same time, I was told that the MSI X370 GAMING PRO CARBON is perfect for video editing (not sure what makes it so perfect) Thing is, I'm not sure how much I should invest in a motherboard. I'm willing to pay the money for something good, but I'm not sure what to choose for the Realan E-W80, and what will give me the best performance while editing.

So I hope to get an advice about what motherboard should I buy, thanks.

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Form Factor

by seanferd In reply to Choosing the right mother ...

That's a mini ITX case. You need to look at mini ITX boards. Both the boards you list are ATX boards, which... will not come remotely close to fitting in that case.

I would be searching for the proper form factor boards and see what is even available that might support your needs. You are going to have to watch your CPU heatsink/fan height, and depending on what you want out of graphics card, not sure about the size there, plus you don't have a PSU, just 120v transformer to work with.

If you want fast, or possibly even adequate, I would be considering a different case, as cool as that looks.

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