Choosing the right tools for a database application

By MoF_ ·
I need to create a database application for a mid-sized company. After giving it a lot of thought I decided to make it a web database application running locally on their intranet.
This company has a database in access and it has started to reach its limits.

My question is what language, platform, database to use? I'm more comfortable working with MySQL and PHP or JSP, but I'm a little worried about database-size and many users accessing the database issues, if there are any with MySQL.

The database has as top around 5000 records in its biggest tables. There will be 8-10 people accessing it as different users with different privileges.

I've spent a lot of time on Google trying to find some answers. I noticed that MS SQL Server is probably the best solution because it supports everything I need, but my problem is that I haven't used it before and I don't know much about ASP.NET or C#.

Do you have any suggestions about what language and database is the best to use in this case? Is MySQL and PHP or JSP going to do the job, or will there be any problems with many users accessing the application or with the size of the database?

I'm really confused, cause it's my first real-world project after graduating from IT University. Thank you for your time.

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Stick with what you know.

by Shellbot In reply to Choosing the right tools ...

I'm not into PHP or JSP, so don't know what it can or cannot do. Anyone else got answers for that?

MySQL, I believe it handles upwards of 200 concurrent connections. Your 10 users will not make an impact on that.
5000 rows on a table is pretty small as well, it will easily handle that.
A lot of websites run off I woulnd't worry terribly about that side of it.

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Thanks for the reply

by MoF_ In reply to Stick with what you know.

I was not sure if MySQL was fitted for this task because I kept reading that SQL Server offers so much more and that MySQL is not reliable (that it can silently corrupt data in a database(?)), that it doesn't have enough features for security issues and so on.

But I think at last that I will not need any of the additional features SQL Server has to offer after all..

So thanks for the feedback it helped me making my decisions.

Any other suggestions are welcome :)

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Well, it wasn't much

by Shellbot In reply to Thanks for the reply

but thanks for the thumb.

Listen, I'm a SQL DBA..and I could sit here and tell you how great it is yadda yadda..but sometimes its all about picking the right tool, and that includes using the technology you know. Yes, a lot of additional features in SQL you need those features?

If they are willing to give you the time and resources to learn, they hey..sure, make the leap, but if you just need to get the job done.. do what ye need to do.

I didn't really read through this much, but have a look..might answer a few basics..

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by LarryD4 In reply to Choosing the right tools ...

The nice part about MS-SQL is that you can directly import the tables in MS-Access to the MS-SQL server without much fiddling.

I can't see the learing curve that hard to pickup VBS and to get the job done. But I have done web based interfaces for databases in MS-Access, MS-SQL, and in MySQL and if you going from MS-Access, MS-SQL makes the job a lot easier.

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Ah sure

by Shellbot In reply to Personally

its not that hard to migrate the DB over..

All depends on how quickly he has to deliver really isn't it. Always nice to learn new stuff, but sometimes time is not a luxury.

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by MoF_ In reply to Personally

you got a point there but they want a new database design so I wont be moving it exactly from access to mysql, rather rebuilding it.

What language do you suggest for the web interface development, considering that you have a lot of experience in this area. I'm more comfortable with PHP and JSP but are there any issues with these languages for this specific type of web application? Do you recommend a specific language?

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Asked someone who knows a bit..

by Shellbot In reply to Well..

and they say that PHP sits quite well with MySQL and is more often than not used in tandem with mysql

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ASP Maker or PHP maker,

by robo_dev In reply to Choosing the right tools ...

Best thing since sliced bread. Seriously. I did a two month project in about ten minutes.

It is a code generator that can automagically produce a fully-functional database query page, just by pointing the app at the database.

For those 'purists' who feel they need to hack out their own code to do this, you can use this tool as a modeling/prototyping tool.

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might look into this next week..

by Shellbot In reply to ASP Maker or PHP maker,

I'd like to think i'm a purist..however there's only so many hours in a working day and I've got a small ASP project to do in a hurry.

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