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Chrome and Windows 7

By ddomian ·
Help! I bought an i-3 w/Windows 7 64 bit. Downloaded and installed Chrome. Worked like a dream for 2 days. Today I clicked on the icon, flashed something about admin rights and disappeared, just poofed. Can't find any Chrome files/folders, and when I try to reinstall, I get this message from Google: "google chrome is already installed and available to all users of this computer. if you want to install google chrome at the user level, you must first uninstall the system-level version installed by an administrator." How can I unstall what's not there? what does 'system level version' mean?

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Several things.

by seanferd In reply to Chrome and Windows 7

If you have not used Windows 7 or Vista before, you have to realize that they do not make use of an Administrator account (systemwide) by default, so the behavior is different from XP.

If you installed Chrome in one user account, but not in the one you were using when you experienced the issue, that is the problem.

But, it sounds like Chrome was installed under Administrator privileges (this is where the pop-up comes in), but somehow wasn't working properly for the account.

Try again, and see if the pop-up will let you key in the administrator password.

The other possibility:
Chrome was installed system wide, for all users. You set up and were using Chrome in one user account. Now, you have logged into a different user account, which will not have any of the settings from the other account.

Where did you look for the Chrome files/folders, and do you have the ability to see all such files/folders on? Windows hides a lot of this stuff by default.

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