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Chronic problems

By respondtwo ·
I have been tasked with the responsibility of "preventing or resolving as many chronic server issues as posible". I have come up with a method of running queries aginst our ticketing system, coupled with queries against the server event logs in hopes of detecting trends. At this point I have reached a bit of a sticking point, and was in hopes I might get some extra ideas if I posted it here. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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by Chris.. In reply to Chronic problems

I'm not too sure what you're asking for help on or what the sticking point is.. care to elaborate?

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by respondtwo In reply to Well

We are looking for ways to identify chronic problems which have resulted in lost productivity. We are doing this in order to be proactive, and to hopefully be able to identify some characteristics to limit down time. I'm looking for any suggestions anyone can help me with.

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Welcome to the dark side of systems admin

by Chris.. In reply to Chronic problems

OK so your choices are great actually, but you need to understand more of what you're willing to impliment in order to get proactive.

Honestly this sounds like a job for NetIQ. There are others out there from the likes of Veritas, HP and others but NetIQ has done the best for me in this kind of situation.

Mine you NetIQ ain't cheap and depending on what you want to really monitor and track it can be down right expensive.

Some other options are from and other small time companies like that.

You might want to really detail in a document what you expect you would like to monitor and log. Then contact the various vendors and go from there with your base requirements.

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What's up Gold

by R3D In reply to Chronic problems

Try using a utility like what's up Gold or the like... It will report what you want it to report and wherever you want it reported to.

not sure what "ticketing" client you are using, but I assume users are entering the information for this ticketing client? Users tend to be a little bit un-credible as to the direct cause of the problema and the solution would be the best bet for a more accurate interpretation of what the original problem was in a situation.

Do you keep your own log of incidents and fixes?

Do you use MS's Sharepoint to store information on these topics? There are a bunch of ways to document and research problems, but finding the right answer amid a sea of bedlam is a tricky situation in any case. Hope I gave a bit to think about for your situation...

Good luck!!!


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