Circling dots on resume before logon screen in Windows 10

By jcwfbi ·
Wanted to throw this question out there to find out if this is being seen in other places.

My team is seeing a reoccurring issue with our laptops. What happens is the machine will go into their sleep state, either the lid is closed or we lock the machine. What happens is we come back maybe 10 minutes later sometimes more than an hour later. Instead of seeing the initial lock/login screen, we see circling white dots, like you would after the machine has rebooted from like updates. The machine essentially either remains in this state until you hit "CTRL" "ALT" "DEL", or the machine is rebooted. Sometimes it will resume to the lock screen after a few seconds but most of the time you have to initiate the cycle.

Has anyone else seen this activity? if so any thoughts?

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