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circuit bouncing

By flyingknees ·
I have a a smartbox with an Adtran card in it for our T-1 circuit. A single cat-5 cable comes out of the card and plugs directly into a Cisco 1700 Router's WIC 0 card. Naturally the green link light comes on. For the past few days, the lights on the Adtran have been going nuts, blinking in alternating patterns, sometimes two stay on, sometimes they all blink off and then come back on repeating the same thing. And of course the WIC 0 light goes off and the whole network is dead.
I've had technicians look at it but they can never seem to determine the reason why.
Has anyone ever come across something like this? Is it the circuit's fault or is it my Cisco router that's causing the Adtran to freak out? This phenomenon has only occurred once before and stopped for months until now. So it's not a regular event. Whatever the case may be it is driving me up the wall.

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by mjd420nova In reply to circuit bouncing

I think the problem is not with the equipment on your end, that's why you can't find any errors. The failure is on the other end of the T-1. I've seen power supply failures that don't manifest themselves with indications on the failure end of the line. Most likely the ADTRAN equipment on the other end of the T-1 is experiencing a power supply failure, as the blinking lights are communication from one end to the other before everything goes down.

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by kylew In reply to circuit bouncing

Talk to the Adtran Manufacture about the card. They will be able to tell you more about what the lights mean. I would says your T-1 Circuit is having some issues and you might have a bad circuit card or something.

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by flyingknees In reply to circuit bouncing

Well I've had technicians come out here, physically loop the circuit up and conduct tests but they can't seem to find the issue either. Maybe it's just real elusive? Do you think that power trouble at the Adtran card back at my local CO is causing the Alarm lights to go on, or causing my adtran card's lights to flicker like crazy?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to circuit bouncing

Well as you haven't mentioned the model of the Adtran Card I can only point you to a generic Web Page but if you know the model the technical details are here when you enter the model number and that will tell you the exact problem.

However I would tend to agree that the problem isn't at your end as I've had numerous cases where ISP's have denied any problems only to see things start working several hours latter when nothing has been touched.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to circuit bouncing

just 2 cents but i'm with hal i'd go to the mfg's website and look for diagnostics for the thing. have you tried a new cable just for grins

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