Circular Reference Warning

By J.Runn ·

I have a user that is getting an errror message when she attempts to open a excel spreadsheet she works on every week. She has a Dell Latitude D630 with XP Pro and Office 2007 fully updated. Spreadsheet is saved to 97-03 compatibility.

When she trys to open the spreadsheet the circular reference warning error appears. If i press cancel to create a circular reference, the error window goes away but the workbook/spreadsheet doesn't appear. It is blank. I'm not a 100% sure if its supposed to be a circular reference or not, it is an insurance document so there are a good amount of formulas wrriten.

She was able to work on this last week. Now she can't, I'll find out what she might have changed last week.

Thanks for the help!

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What are Circular References ?

A circular reference is created if you enter a formula into a cell that links directly or indirectly to itself.

A circular reference is just a formula that depends on its own value.

There should not be any circular references in your workbooks unless you specifically want them to be there.

If you receive a circular reference warning when you are not expecting one it means that the formula has been entered incorrectly.

These can be created very easily (often by mistake). Just link cell B2 to cell B3 and then link cell B3 to cell B2.

More on the subject here:

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by J.Runn In reply to What are Circular Referen ...

Now, she can't open up any of her spreadsheets. Do you know what is causing this, and how to resolve this major issue?

On the first spreadsheet I tried to delete the formula because I just wanted to see the workbook. After I deleted the formula I still couldn't see the workbook. I have steps on how to fix this through Microsoft but since I can't see the workbook or work with it, I can't find a way to fix this issue.


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My mistake

by J.Runn In reply to Solution?

The other workbooks are showing different symptoms. There is only the first one showing the circula reference error message. When the user trys to open the other spreadsheets, nothing opens up. No error code, no new workbook. Just an empty excel window with toolbars.

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Did you read my earlier post?

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
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by J.Runn In reply to Did you read my earlier p ...

But, I have already read that website.

We just deleted the formula in that cell and then saved it. We opened it again and set the formula once again. Resolved.


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Excel file with circular reference will not display

by hgasko In reply to Circular Reference Warnin ...

I have a file which Excel thinks has a circular reference. I have set the options to Manual calculation and 1 iteration and opened the file and clicked CANCEL to allowthe circular reference. Excel appears to do nothing - the screen stays blank. However when I try to close Excel, it asks if I want to save changes to the file, implying it is open. Also, when I use VBA to look at the project, the file and its sheets are there. So it is open - it just is not displaying it. How can I get at the file in order to remove the circular reference?

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Reponse To Answer

by PurpleSkys In reply to Excel file with circular ...

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