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By Mandar ·
Hi there,

I want to know difference between CISA and CISSP exams.

Does anybody know about the difference in the same and their market value.

Thanks in advance.

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CISSP covers more ground

by house In reply to CISA Vs CISSP

Not to insult the integrity of the CISA, the CISSP is more recognized in the field and demands more for certification. CISSP is to info sec what PMP is to project management.

here is one case example who took both...

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by tnt_zwz In reply to CISA Vs CISSP

the cissp certification is more valueable

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I think the CISM is a better cert to compare to CISSP

by uofM In reply to CISA Vs CISSP

Having said that. CISSP is still more recognized.

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CISSP is much better

by caverdog In reply to I think the CISM is a bet ...

ISACA is a rediculous organization. I've had my CISSP since 2003 and I just passed the CISM test (I'll get the cert 'cause I already paid). I also have ISC2's CAP Cert. All the tests are scantron, but ISACA takes 8 weeks before they mail the results. Their verification is also insanely complicated, and their test was one dimensional. The beurocracy of only holding the test 2X/year and then having it with 300 of your closests friends monitored by people from India who cannot relay instructions in clear english. 4 of 5 proctors (including the lead) were from India with thick accents. This was exacerbated by telling us to show up at 7:30 am on saturday for a 4 hour exam starting at 9:00 am. I passed but the extra hour of sleep would have been nice. Also, their continuing ed requirement seems to be setup to make you take classes, whereas ISC2 understands the value of self study, particularly if you pass a certification to prove your study (like the CISM!) :)

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Both are great with different focus

by jamesndove In reply to CISSP is much better

CISA focusses more on IT Audit, Control and Governance while the CISSP is purely security. If you are an IT Sec enthusiast then the CISSP is the right route. If you want to understand IT Security but also want to broaden your Business and Control understanding then CISA is a must. It all depends on what you aspire to be.

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by secure_lockdown In reply to CISA Vs CISSP

I am seeing some very good looking jobs (on paper at least) that are requiring the CISA.

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Books for CISA

by Mandar In reply to CISA Vs CISSP


Those who are experienced can suggest good books for CISA?

Thanks in advance.

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CISA book

by faiz In reply to Books for CISA

As far as I know the CISA Review Maual 'CRM' is the best book. CISA is comparatively easy if you have the relative experience in the IS or IT field.

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by dspeacock In reply to Books for CISA

I'm currently studying for my CISA, and I'm using Sybex's CISA Study guide. I looked at a couple of other ones, and this one was the clearest to understand, as well as being better written than the others I looked at.
It lists @ 60.00, but I got if from for 32.00 (new). If you're interested, the ISBN is 0-7821-4438-1.

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CISSP CBT's which one to buy BEST Advice.

by bongs16 In reply to CISA Vs CISSP

Are you looking to purchase a CISSP CBT? Email me and get the real facts on what is the best one to purchase. Otherwise you will end up paying too much and wish you had not.

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