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    Cisco 1700 PBR question


    by rigo ·

    I have a Cisco 1700 router currently setup for use with my T1. I would like to add a WIC-1ENET for simultaneous use with an ADSL line. My goal in doing this is to use policy based routing to route all HTTP traffic away from my T1 and onto my ADSL line.

    We are gaming cybercafe and are trying to route heavy myspace and video traffic away from our T1. Currently I throttle HTTP traffic which seems to help but does not address the issue 100%.

    Can anyone tell me, is the above configuration supported?

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      by rigo ·

      In reply to Cisco 1700 PBR question


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      Figured it out yet?

      by ground-pilot ·

      In reply to Cisco 1700 PBR question

      I have a similiar issue, cept I’m moving VPN traffic from office a, to office b with twin Cisco 1700 over a dedicated P2P T1 connection.

      I’m not well versed in Cisco, but have had numerous other successes.

      P2P VPN traffic over dedicated lines will be a first however.

      Curious what your outcome finally was?

      If any?

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