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Cisco 1720 Router Problem

By ejensen ·
I have a Frame Relay circuit with two drops (we'll call them A & B). A Cisco 1720 router at each end. There are times that I am unable to communicate across the connection. I am able to ping routers A and B from the B side but cannot ping A or B from the A side. It becomes necessary to power off both routers to re-establish communications. Any ideas on what could cause this problem?

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by ejensen In reply to Cisco 1720 Router Problem

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by Pocono In reply to Cisco 1720 Router Problem

Is split horizon disabled? Try configuring a subinterface.....

Good luck!

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by Tech_Guy1 In reply to Cisco 1720 Router Problem

Sounds like you are having an intermittent problem on the network side (Not the frame relay side) of drop A.

Reason: If you are at B you would be pinging b from network b and a through the relay.

When you are at side A you would not be able to ping either if the network interface was down.

What you ethernet interface on side A. Try replacing the cables, and moving it to a different port. (I'm assuming it is connected to a hub or switch) Also keep an eye on what it is connected to. You could also have an other unit going down.

You can also do a "show interfaces" from side B when you are having the problem and it will give you the status and information of each interface.

Hope this helps.

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by Tech_Guy1 In reply to

One other thing I forgot. My Nic interface for my ethernet is very sloppy on my 1720 I can actually tug on the cable slightly and it will disconnect. Had to restart to make it work. Took me about a month to figure it out since we use a swinging rack. Anytime anyone opened it, it would go down about 20 minutes later.

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