cisco 1760 (ADSL) sonicwall pro 230

By kevin.fairbrother ·
ok guys and gals...

I have a cisco 1720 router connected to and adsl line, this works and i can merrily ping real world IPs.. i also have a sonic firewall hanging of the back.. I can ping from the firewall to the web..

what i want to do is connect an ftp machine into the dmz allow traffic from the wan to the dmz ... for uploads and then allow certain trafic from the lan to the dmz to pick up these uploads...

at present the sonic can ping the router interface the machine in the dmz and the lan... but the router can't get past its wan interface.. it can't ping the sonic wan interface or the dmz...

now is the cisco or the sonic at fault? i have tried making it an open firewall and allowing all traffic from everyhwere to anywhere... but i can't seem to get it working.

static assigned Ip from ISP ..... so anyone got any clues what i'm not doing right? or pointers to any documentation?

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Cisco 1700

by CG IT In reply to cisco 1760 (ADSL) sonicwa ...

So the DMZ zone is the area between the Cisco 1700 [LAN] and the Sonicwall [WAN].

your Cisco 1700 is the gateway for all traffic on it's LAN [that includes the WAN side of the Sonicwall]. The Sonicwall is the gateway for all traffic on it's LAN.

your WAN interface on the Sonicwall needs to be configured with addressing on the Cisco LANs addressing scheme with the default gateway as the Cisco router and for internet traffic [if you don't have DNS running] your ISPs DNS servers.

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Couple of thoughts...

by robo_dev In reply to cisco 1760 (ADSL) sonicwa ...

Are you doing NAT in the cisco router and NAT in the Sonic as well?

Many firewalls just have an option to allow/disallow ping of WAN port. Not sure about yours.

Is your server in the dmz configured as 'Public LAN Server'?

I believe using DMZ in NAT mode may require some static routes on both ends, not sure about that

In non-NAT mode, servers in the DMZ must have IP addresses in the same subnet as the SonicWALL WAN IP Address.

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