CISCO 1801

By sydars ·
My work place have 2-mbps internet connection and shares for 60 clients (LAN IP is
How can I configure bandwidth limitation on our router cisco 1801 for two group, a group (IP range: - with 1 mbps shared
and another group (other client IP) have 1 mbps shared?

The topology is:
| \
> Cisco 1801 /
| \
> Windows Server 2003 R2 (AD, DNS, DHCP, FS) /
| > LAN

Thank you for any help.
- Sonny -

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Use policing or rate-limiting

by NetMan1958 In reply to CISCO 1801

If you are familiar with QOS on a Cisco router. If not, there are numerous articles available on the internet and I will be glad to help. Is your Windows 2003 server between the router and your LAN such that it is your default gateway for the LAN?

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Reponse To Answer

by sydars In reply to Use policing or rate-limi ...

Thank you for your reply, NetMan.. :)
Yes, our server is Windows Server 2003 (eth#1 IP: as default gateway of our LAN ( This server have 2 NICs (Eth-0 as connect to CISCO 1801 router and Eth-1 as connect to LAN), that have NAT configured so our CISCO 1801 route traffic only from
How can I do configure with this?
I'm appreciate for your help.. :)

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by NetMan1958 In reply to CISCO 1801

Do I understand correctly that the Windows server is NATing all traffic from the LAN to

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Reponse To Answer

by sydars In reply to Clarification

Yes. Windows Server do NATing (as gateway - from our LAN and another NIC as connect directly to Cisco 1801 router (
All traffic from the LAN received by Cisco router as incoming traffic from - not as individual IP of each clients (
How can I bypassing the NAT in windows server?

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Windows NAT

by NetMan1958 In reply to CISCO 1801

I'm not sure how to configure NAT on a Windows server as I have never used a Windows server as a NAT device before. You will need to turn off NAT at the Windows server. In order for the router to do what you are wanting it will have to be able to identify which IP on the subnet.

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by mickeous In reply to CISCO 1801

Good Morning or Good Afternoon to your Tech guys - quick question please.
We are trying to set as an ISP to provide our clients (10 companies) within a small location with internet access. I have contacted a Telco company who provide us the service (Bandwidth) - we aim to buy DS3(45MB).

They have asked me of how many IP addressess do I require? And I am not sure what to say to them? Any ideas of volume of IP needed?

Please any help or pointer will do. Thanks,

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