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Hi there, I have a question about a configuration set up for a Cisco 1811. There are some changes happening in the network and I'm trying to better utilize some of my port resources now.

I have 2 wan ports (0 and 1)
and 8 lan ports (2-9)

I have the internet connection in port 2 (vlan 3, valid public ip, x.x.x.50)
I also have in port 3 (vlan 3) a connection that ends up going to another router (phone provider which gives us a backup redundant internet connection if the first one goes down. this provider also has a valid public ip in our range, call it x.x.x.51)

I have connectivity via pings between both ip's.

I find that if I move the internet connection in port 2 to port 0 - it breaks the backup connection with the other provider and I can no longer ping between the two.

Is there any way I can configure port 2 so that the connection with port 0 doesn't break the backup redundancy?

thanks in advance.

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Totally confused

by robo_dev In reply to Cisco 1811 configuration

So to clarify, you have two Internet (ISP) connections both coming in on the LAN side of the router? (port 2 and port 3).

This would imply you're using your router as a switch, effectively, as the router is only used to sort out the traffic between VLANs.

And it does not work when you plug one of those into the WAN port? That would be logical, assuming the WAN port is doing NAT, possibly DHCP, and normal firewall-type stuff like blocking pings.

If I have stated that correctly, the preferable way to do this would be to have WAN0 be one ISP and WAN 1 be the other can then configure the router to failover to the second one.**86a0080950834.shtml

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