Cisco 1841 Connecting to ISP

By adamhamner ·
I'm trying to connect a Cisco 1841 router to my cable modem and use it in the same manner as a regular Gateway/Router you'd use to connect multiple computers at home to the internet using one connection.
I've been reading all day about NAT and the different types but I still have a few questions. In all of the reading I've done there seems to be the usumption that the IP Addresses used in the NAT pool will never change. Outside global addresses seem to be static. That would be fine except the lease for the outside global address is renewed every seven days with a different address. Is there a way to configure NAT to use whichever IP is assigned to the outside interface?
Also, is there a way to setup a router interface to act as a DHCP host? I want to set the interface up to act in the same manner as a NIC in a computer and receive it's IP from a DHCP server.
I hope I've asks these questions clearly and I'm sorry for any vernacular errors as I'm still learning about all of this and it's kind of a side project. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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