cisco 1841 need guidance

By akif101 ·
In order to resolve the slow internet issue at the office, we have decided to add Cisco 1841 series router instead of Aztech ADSL router.

The specific configuration of Cisco router as per our requirement is as follows

Cisco 1841 with two ADSL over POTS cards (WIC)

With two ADSL over POTS WIC, one will be dedicated for the traffic target to EFS server that is in main data center and the other card will be used for rest of the internet browsing. Presently we have only one ADSL line but once router is in place, will apply for second ADSL line. To brief you about the current setup and internet usage of the branch office, we have two application (EFS and Mail ) both are access through internet directly from the clients desktops.
i want to route the EFS traffic through one ADSL line and rest all traffic through other ADSL line

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1841 guidance

by tim In reply to cisco 1841 need guidance


you are experiencing slow internet access on the network so you want to route all traffic out of one adsl wic and into the other?

Can you please clarify for me the following:

Is the EFS and Mail on the same server?
Do the clients access the EFS and Mail across http (webmail)?

My thoughts are to configure the primary adsl fot local internet use and the second for all outgoing and remote incoming traffic. Have your local users accesss the EFS and mail across the local LAN this will reduce your adsl activity and improve access times.

create 2 vlans 1 for efs/mail wan and the other for local network. deny access to the primary dsl dialer for the efs and mail. deny access to the network for the secondary efs adsl circuit. dont forget to allow the vlans access to the dialer interfaces for the apprpriate dsl circuits

hope this helped


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