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Cisco 2600 router error: "unable to open socket on port 161"

By bgallaghe ·
I have done a bit of research regarding a strange message that is popping up on my Cisco 2612 router... It seems to be related to the configuration of the aux line but it does not seem to go away even when i unplug the modem completly. It is as follows:

*Mar 1 01:11:19.346: %IP_SNMP-3-SOCKET: can't open UDP socket
*Mar 1 01:11:19.346: Unable to open socket on port 161

It shows up every 20 or so seconds and it makes configuring the router impossible because it covers up the text you type. As follows is my running config (note that for some reason when I request the config, it goes ... well, CRAZY!) :

Cisco_2612#show running-configo ip route-cache protocol on I
Building configuration...

IOS (tm) C2600

Current configuration : 1192 bytes0RELEASE SOF
anged stat
no ip add
version 12.2

no ip ro
service timestamps debug datetime msecte-cache0, changed state to
service timestamps log datetime msec
interface BRI0/01986-2003 by cis
no service password-encryptionno ip route-cache:00:17.909: %
hostname Cisco_2612he TokenRing0/0, ch

logging queue-limit 100 http server 1 00:03:2
enable secret 5 $1$YKaL$vpBJfrP7Y4Xc1Eaf9EJYY1er community public
enable password Ciscoable traps tty Line p
clock timezone CST -6ner motd ^Ctd
ip subnet-zero**18: %IP_
no ip routing367: Unable t
ip audit notify log*******************
ip audit po max-events 10019.110: %SYS-5-RESTART: Sy
interface Ethernet0/0

no ip addressproc
Cisco Int
no ip route-cache System Software:
no ip mroute-cache
shutdown-03 10:40
ring-speed 16e timestamps d
interface BRI0/0ar 1 00:00:19.1
no ip addressDSTART: SNMP a
no ip route-cache2612 is undergl ne
no ip mroute-cache
snmp-server community public RO
snmp-server enable traps tty
banner motd ^Ctd
* Unauthorized access prohibited and will be prosecuted!!! *
line con 0
line aux 0
session-timeout 30
exec-timeout 30 0
password Gallaghe
modem InOut
line vty 0 4
exec-timeout 30 0
password 21326

(YES, i have not censored my passwords, don't worry you won't get anything by knowing them)

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