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Cisco 2611 NAT DHCP question

By cisconewbie ·
Hi all

I got a Cisco 2611 router and I am trying to set up a basic home network configuration. I set up interface e0/0 which connects to the cable modem to "ip addr dhcp" and e0/1 as DHCP server All this is working fine now.

Now I understand that I also need to setup NAT to be able to access the Internet from inside the home network. I saw some commands for NAT but I noticed that you have to specify the global IP address there. What if I get my IP by DHCP from the ISP? How can I specify that for NAT?

I guess I also need to set up some access lists to protect my network.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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by akshaydere In reply to Cisco 2611 NAT DHCP quest ...

how many systems do you have configured in your home network?
It is not mandatory to configure NAT just to access internet.
Once you are connected to the ISP using your cable modem, simply use the " ipconfig /renew " command from Command and it will automatically assign the IP addresses from the DHCP pool.

Or if you can get the pool of the IP addresses from your ISP which are configured for DHCP, you can configure it on your router itself....

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by evilbob In reply to Cisco 2611 NAT DHCP quest ...

You can also apply NAT to an interface rather than ip address. ip nat inside source list <list name> interface <slot/port> overload. Can you send a copy of your configuration to, minus your passwords and internal IP's of course. :)

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by twentyfivepin In reply to Cisco 2611 NAT DHCP quest ...

can you please provide step by steps instructions?

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