Cisco 2801 as pptp client

By chris.benecke ·
Hey Guys,

I currently have a setup where we have our network outsourced to another provider and are trying to get a VPN to a remote site without using them.

I have my CCNA so I have a fairly ok knowledge of cisco routers and IOS and the like but it does not really touch on setting up VPN's

At the moment we have a PPTP server that remote users log onto with there standard AD username and password and the WinXP DUN vpn.

Is it possible to set up a cisco 2801 as a pptp client and if so does anyone have a working config for this as I have been googeling my brains out and have found that it should be able to be done but no-one has any info on doing it.

There is tons of configs out there showing how to set it up as a pptp server but I need it as a client to go to the remote site to connect back to the pptp server at our HQ.

The pptp server we have atm is on a Win server 2003 box.

thanks for any help guys


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